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Victim Location 83436
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I found on Facebook and it had flower and vegetable seeds for sale with a bunch of different variations of products to try. I was getting emails from them every week about sales. Once I made my order I stopped receiving emails. I was told it would be 4 – 6 weeks for delivery but now it has been 9 weeks and I cant get any response from them and no product has been delivered

Victim Location 54449
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Jack Seeds advertises as a regular seed company on line. They do not reveal their address as China until they have your money. I ordered a small amount of seeds on Feb. 10, 2018. I payed with a credit card which they immediately switched to paypal and took the money. I emailed the a couple times but was put off and told the product was on its way. I checked with other customers on the gripe sites. The product never arrives.

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Liars !! Scammers !! Another Wish site !!

This was a bad idea to try and order beautiful flowers from Jacks seeds !!
First off – they have a stupid spin and try your luck to get a discount – said 15% off my order, so I chose the items I want and proceed to check out – 15% not available for my items in cart, so I’m like okay will I want the flower seeds so it’s okay, then the shipping is just totally stupid outrageous !!
I decided to google Jacks seeds company before making my purchase.
In the mean time I received the email message for the 15% off and thanks for signing up for there emails !!
It’s got to be a Scam Company !!
Now they have my info and email.
So glad I researched and read the reviews here !!
Thank you ?I will stick with Costa farms live Plants and Seeds.

Never received seeds.

I received my order 20 days after they…

I received my order 20 days after they took my money – its the worst purchase I have ever made – packaging was non existent with seeds put into a clear polythene bag with one word hand written description such as “Pink” – totally meaningless especially when there are 3 different “Pinks” some labels so badly hand written they were illegible. No instructions at all – dont waste your money – great web site covering up a pathetic everything else

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Total ripoff

Total ripoff. Seeds not what pictured or described in website. Weird junk from China. Green bean seeds were soybeans or lentils!?


Very disappointed in their seeds.Sent in tiny plastic bags that have name scribbled on it. Could not really tell what they said. I am a master gardener and only succeeded in figuring out what seeds each bag contained by illumination. Thank God I only purchased 7 pkgs.bags.VERY FEW seeds in each bag also.Took a long time to arrive and certainly not worth $4.99 a bag.ALSO very disappointed that absolutely no instructions were included with the seeds..if I had been a beginner I would not have known where to start.I gave the one star because otherwise I would not have been able to leave a review.

I did spent over $100 on seeds that…

I did spent over $100 on seeds that never arrived. I ask for a refund per their policy and they did not answer me at all..I sent 5+ emails. this is a scam, don’t send these people any money.

Definitely not what I I ordered

Ordered two lots of coleus seeds, planted some germinated.
But definitely not coleus. As I’ve grown lots for my greenhouse in the park. Don’t actually know what they are.

Chinese product

I ordered some seeds and they were not what the packages said. The writing on the package was in Chinese. I was beyond disappointed. I would give 0 stars if I could.

Rip off company

I orderd and paid for appleblossom rosebud geranium seeds. Had to threaten this company with paypal as the seeds didn’t arrive. They eventually sent seeds but only after my threat of paypal. The seeds germinated and what i have is Mallow plants. i could have bought Mallow seeds for a couple of €$ had i wanted them. i paid €12 for mallow seeds. suppose i have to suck it up but to all gardeners out there, Beware this company.

I ordered a package of 20 seeds from…

I ordered a package of 20 seeds from Jacks Seeds. It was a blue hibiscus plant. I planted 10 of the 20 seeds. Only one plant sprouted. I finally bloomed today. It was supposed to produce exotic bluish flowers. It bloomed a non remarkable, very pale, yellow, flower. It did NOT resemble the photo in any form. Terrible disappointment and a waste of a lot of time and effort.

Don’t order seeds if you want to use…

Don’t order seeds if you want to use them the same year. We ordered seeds 2 months ago and still haven’t received them. They sent an email saying they are arriving soon, that was a month ago. No answer to requested tracking info either. Never again.

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I’m giving 3 stars for my experience so…

I’m giving 3 stars for my experience so far. I just planted my pumpkins and they better work or I’m going to have some disappointed nieces. What confused me was the website looked like a family owned farm in the Midwest. When my package arrived the return address was in China and the label on the outside listing contents said iPhone covers and small tools. My first thought was “did I just buy illegal seeds”? I will give another review whenever I have some results from the pumpkins.

They S U C K Not one lived out of 4…

They S U C K Not one lived out of 4 packets.

Save your money. Bad karma to you.

I have ordered from them a couple times…

I have ordered from them a couple times I did get seeds however the first order was unmarked I had no clue which seeds were which I contacted them and they sent me an apology and what each of the packages contained. I was like ok now I know, the seeds are now in the ground lets see what happens so far the stevia seeds are not sprouting yet.. out of 100 cactus seeds 2 sprouted but after a year are only 1/2 inch tall. I now cant even remember what I planted or where. I am assuming nothing else sprouted or I would know what they are.. this year I ordered the giant hibiscus, they were bulbs waiting to see if they are what they said. Now that I have read the reviews of other people I will never order from them again. today I got a package that said Beads. inside was a package of Monkey Face orchid seeds. I looked up how to plant Orchid seeds, OMgosh its complicated and it starts with the seeds in a protective covering. my seeds are just maybe 1/8th inch seeds and brown no covering. its a mystery for sure. Rebecca Bailey

Ordered seeds from Jack Seed

Ordered seeds from Jack Seed. The website never mentioned from where the items will be delivered. From the site its looks like from USA. But, when receive the e-mail shows China Post. Immediately, e-mailed the company back to cancel the order. I did not care about the money, but if Jack Seed mentioned that seeds are coming from China, would have never ordered, due to covid issues.

The same complaints from everyone.

The same complaints from everyone.
No website or phone number,it’s all fake.
I have to swallow the bad decision I made.
Pinterest is where I saw this ad. Amazon is also “selling” these seeds. Is there not a business that checks out if this is credible before using your website to use as a scam. How many complaints and no one has anything to shut them down.
If used my credit card. I’m calling the bank and letting them know about this scam. There isn’t any problem to use your card for other scams.
What a the end of this review it says that Jack seeds info will be sent to them. How? Their website is fake, no website.

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I didn’t get seeds whatever asked

I didn’t get seeds whatever asked. all seeds same .my money and planted time (3 months care & waiting) wasted. don’t buy anybody these seeds

What can I say that hasn’t already been…

What can I say that hasn’t already been said here by others. Super disappointed to say the least. Read the reviews and take heed.

Bogus seed company

After months I got 3 small vacuum packs of seeds from China (on customs declaration said “phone accessory”) that were labelled as different grasses but all looked like the same seed I did not plant it as I was wary of what may have been sent.

Overall, very happy

I know there’s a lot of bad reviews on Jack Seed and I’m going to give my review. Yes, I agree, the seeds could be labelled better. I had to google what the seeds looked like for the plants I got. Kind of annoying.

HOWEVER, the seeds arrived promptly and everything I ordered, was there.

Furthermore, I did a little research on how to properly grow the rose seeds and strawberry seeds I got because there really aren’t any instructions on their site or on the packaging. It took 4 months in the fridge for the rose seeds and then I planted them in a pot on the window sill. I didn’t have much hope for it growing. To my surprise, they grew and are still growing. My strawberry plants also grew. Everything I planted grew. It took a little patience and some research on my end but they are definitely growing.

So, overall, I’m very happy. There are lots and lots of bad reviews out there but I had a very positive experience. Maybe I just got lucky. Who knows. All I can say is do your research and if you really want to try something from them, just try one or two things like I did and go from there.

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