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Learn about i49 Genetics including who they are, their products, and where you can find them. Do you agree with I49 USA's 4-star rating? Check out what 6,488 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Does I49 seedbank really live up to all the hype? Or actually, sell poor genetics and disparage customers? Read on to learn more about I49.

i49 Genetics

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I49 USA Reviews

Great communication and timely delivery.
The real experience will unfold if they grow as promoted.

Grow grow grow

Grow grow grow That’s all I can say

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Took way too long for seeds to arrive

Took way too long for seeds to arrive. Followed your instructions to germinate seeds and only 5 seeds germinated. At $10 a seed I lost over $150. Been growing for years, the worst experience ever. Also I don’t believe I got the seeds I ordered as they didn’t match the manifest.

Reply from I49 USA

Thank you for submitting this review as this feedback helps us do better!

We apologize if our services were not up to standards. We would be happy to review the specific incident in more detail with you so that we can better understand what happened and how we can come to a solution! Please reach out to our support team for further assistance!

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Thank you,
i49 Support

First time grow

First time grow. The plants are doing well getting exciting now. Great quality seeds in my humble opinion.

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Have had great results with your product

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Everything from customer service to…

Everything from customer service to shipping was too shelf.

Everything I ordered came quickly

Everything I ordered came quickly. Well-packed, labeled in a way that did not provoke unwanted curiosity. Very happy with the way you do business at i49 USA.

I like your service and products

I like your service and products. I’ve had good experiences with your service, you have good communication and are prompt. I’d prefer you ship UPS, but for all I know there’s legal issues that prevent it. Every seed variety I’ve got from you has done well, some specific stains have been more finicky to germinate, but I’ve never had any serious negative experience like bad seeds or the like. I enjoy your special offers and large selection as well. I can’t speak to your other non-seed products because I’ve got no interest in them.

I ordered a BOGO an never received the…

I ordered a BOGO an never received the free ones. I’ve already reached out via email a week ago now an have yet to hear anything about the issue. Very disappointed in the lack of communication. I’ll never order again an will be unsubscribing from your emails. I’ll be sure to share my experience with friends and co-workers.

Reply from I49 USA

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with us. It sounds like you had a frustrating time, and we want to do everything we can to make it right for you.
We would be happy to review the specific incident in more detail with you so that we can better understand what happened and how we might improve going forward.

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i49 Seed Bank Review 2022

Is i49 a trustworthy seed bank? Our full i49 review answers all your questions about this new seed bank.

*Shipping to the United States Only*

If you’ve recently heard of i49 for the first time, you may be wondering how legit this seed bank actually is. Since I49 is still quite a new seed bank with mixed public reviews so far, it’s hard to tell how trustworthy they are or how good their seeds actually are simply by looking over its website. Our full i49 review covers all the details of what this company gets right – and wrong – to help you decide whether or not i49 is the right seed bank for you.

Girl Scout Cookies

Reputation and History

Founded by cannabis enthusiasts, I49 is based in Los Angeles, California, and stocks an impressively large selection of its own lines of seeds. Reviews of i49 in public growers’ forums have been rather polarized so far, with buyers either very satisfied and ready to order again – or completely disappointed. The number of good reviews does outweigh the bad. However, i49 has gathered a concerning number of complaints about the quality and consistency of its genetics and customer service, in particular. Ultimately, yes, i49 is a legit seed bank, but several key areas leave considerable room for improvement.

Seed Selection and Quality

I49 offers buyers a wide range of choices, with an inventory of over 400 strains, mostly all from its own lines. I49’s website describes its inventory storage operation as free from moisture and light, which is certainly important. And many buyers have indeed found their i49 seeds to yield healthy, robust cannabis crops.

However, the quality of i49’s genetics has been inconsistent, so far. A concerning number of buyers have experienced similar issues, from apprehension over receiving smaller-than-average seeds, to the unfortunate experience of multiple seeds – in several cases, an entire order’s worth – failing to germinate. Some that did geminate yielded smaller, weaker plants, occasionally to the point of being completely unusable.

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In other cases, the plants themselves may have appeared strong, but it was the potency of the flower that turned out weaker than it should have been. It’s possible that those buyers who are newer to cannabis might not even notice the difference in potency. But it’s disappointing to experienced growers when the care they put into growing results in weak weed. Still other buyers have grown multiple seeds from what was supposed to be the same strain and ended up with marijuana plants that grew up looking nothing alike.

80% Germination Guarantee

Would-be buyers of i49 seeds may be comforted to know that despite potential issues with this seed bank’s genetics, 80% of their purchase is backed by a germination guarantee. This means that if fewer than 80% of your seeds germinate, you’ll be shipped enough new seeds to bring your total successful crop up to 80% of the number of seeds in your original order. The new seeds sent will be from a different strain than the one you experienced germination problems with.

There are, however, a few important details to know about qualification for i49’s germination guarantee. This guarantee only applies to seeds from i49’s own lines, excluding any bonus seeds you may have received with your order. You must follow the same germination process outlined in the online guide available on i49’s website. You’ll have a 90-day window following delivery of your seeds to fill out the reshipment request form on i49.net and start the replacement process if you run into problems. A more unusual criterion to i49’s germination guarantee is that buyers who are perceived as being rude to i49’s staff members will be disqualified from receiving seed reshipments.