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i49 Seed Bank Review in 2021

Do you want the best harvest for your cannabis cultivation? Go through this i49 seed bank review and guarantee the best yields for your grow space.

i49 is an international stature seed bank . It was initially based in California, but with time, it gained much popularity in Canada.

I49 is comparative a new entrant in the cannabis marketplace, but the impact it has left is that of an old seed bank.

i49 Seed Bank Review

The I49 seed bank is an all-inclusive of huge strain collection, seed quality, sample pack provision, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, freebies, and a lot more.

The main aim of i49 seed bank is, ‘to help you create cash crops with every harvest.’

In this i49 seed bank review, we will describe various sections like seed bank reputation, shipping guarantee, germination guarantee, many payment options, freebies, FAQ, and conclusion.

The hardworking and determined team of ‘’ is always on their toes to curate and compile the best seed banks for the readers and growers.

We are not one of those sites, which sugar coat reviews or write flattering remarks of any seed bank.

It is our immense sincerity and desire to get the most authentic and valuable information for our readers related to the seed banks.

So, let us get geared and do in-depth scrutiny of i49 in this i49 seed bank review.

The stature of the seed bank

I am sure; you must be wondering what factors make a seed bank great. Buyer reviews, experience, and seed quality are few of them to be listed.

Let us elaborate on each one of them.

It is a known fact that we tend to try those products which were referred to us by someone close, whose opinion we trust. Thus, Buyers reviews or what we call word of mouth is essential.

Next, we have experience. This seed bank is a new player in the game of cannabis cultivation, yet it has managed to outperform all the established players (other seed banks).

Finally, the ultimate seed quality is the firm foundation of the reputation of any seed bank.

Thus, all the features above highly increase the reputation of the seed bank.

What do they sell?

The i49 seed bank deals with all basic flower types like feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, and high CBD seeds.

The seeds are mainly categorized as ‘Cannabis Seeds,’ ‘marijuana seeds,’ ‘weed seeds,’ and ‘California seed bank.’

Germination guarantee

The i49 seed bank offers an 80% germination guarantee . If in case you seeds fail to germinate, be rest assured as the i49 seed bank will resend you your parcel again.

Moreover, they have the policy to help only those customers who are polite and well mannered to their staff.

Also, the i49 seed bank makes sure that you thoroughly follow the paper towel or cup method. Else, they will not honor the Germination Guarantee.

Now, that’s simply superb!

Stealth Packaging

Right seed banks have a high reputation. The seed banks follow certain standard practices, which rank them high in the marketplace.

One of those standard practices is ‘stealth packaging’ for the cannabis seeds.

The seed banks do so, to stay away from legal issues related to cannabis legalization and cultivation, the seedbanks follow the practice of stealth packaging.

To implement so, the i49 seed bank packs the seeds in a crush-proof container and then transfers it in a padded envelope.

Then, it is hidden beneath a random object like a birthday card, CD, or T-Shirt.

Additionally, their shipments are an ‘unmarked package in Los Angeles, California.’

This packing ensures the privacy, safety, and confidentiality of the seed bank.

Thus, ‘Stealth Packaging’ is an aid for all the Buyers.

Shipment Guarantee

The i49 seed bank is a high stature international level seed bank, which ensures Shipping Guarantee.

If in case, your parcel is lost the midway or misplaced, the i49 seed bank will resend you, your order again.

(*Only if the shipping credentials provided by you are correct. In case of incorrect address credentials, the i49 seed bank is not responsible for resending your parcel again.)

That is appreciated!

All About Shipping

I49 seed bank ships cannabis seeds throughout the globe.

The standard shipping cost is $30, which is now discounted at $10.

This seed bank charges the shipping fee to manage the various germination programs, lost orders, and frauds.

The i49 seed bank believes in keeping the seed prices low and be upfront and direct about the additional fees.

It takes around two weeks to deliver the shipment from

Overall, the shipping services from the i49 seed bank are excellent!

Is the i49 seed bank safe?

Word of mouth from Buyers, Guarantees, SSL Certificate integration and use of CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin), are various features that make this seed bank safe.

Word of mouth is an olden and proven method to ensure any products or the company’s credibility.

The same is the case with the i49 seed bank.

Next, we have guarantees. I49 seed bank offers the guarantees, namely the Germination Guarantee and the shipping guarantee, which is a crucial factor and significant feature in itself.

Let us proceed with the SSL certificate integration. The SSL certificate integration in the website encrypts the sensitive data like the details for financial transactions and lets them perform safe and secure.

Lastly, the seed bank incorporates bitcoin as a payment mode, which ensures anonymity as well as safety.

Dear readers and growers, what’s your opinion on the factors that make you trust a seed bank and believe it to be safe to order from that seed bank.

Seed Quality

I49 ranks as one of the best Canadian seed bank for cannabis seeds. So, the company makes sure to maintain the supreme quality of their cannabis seeds.

To ensure the same seed quality, each seed is manually handpicked and highly scrutinized by the expert breeders of i49.

Further, each seed has to undergo various quality assurance processes like tests and manual procedures.

Thus, i49 following the above practices ensures top-notch seed quality.


The i49 seed bank is much generous with offering freebies and giveaways.

Here freebies are known as ‘bonus seeds.’

You can earn a different number of free seeds depending on the type of payment methods you choose from.

For the above purpose, let us see how many payment types are supported by i49.

There four different payment methods supported by i49.

They are Cash, Cheque, Money Order, and Bitcoin.

On choosing Cash, Cheque or Money order as the payment method, you may get two bonus seeds per $100 to spend.

If you choose to pay via Bitcoin, you may get four seeds per $100 to spend.

Now, that is what I call Exemplary!

Payment Mode

As mentioned in the section above, the i49 seed bank supports four payment methods.

They are, namely Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Zelles and Bitcoin.

You may choose different methods based on your convenience, availability, and requirement.

You may choose cash if you do not need any trail.

Go for bitcoin, if you wish to be anonymous as well as secure.

And choose cheque and money orders for payment in a traditional way.

Other Extra Features

There are plenty of extra features, which make this seed bank special apart from the regular seeds. A few of them to mention are ‘Sample Pack,’ sale, blog, how-to guides, customer care, search, and customer sort.

Let us unveil each one of them in detail.

‘Sample Pack’ is the unique feature of the i49 seed bank if you are one of those growers who wish to grow and experiment with different types of strains. Because it is only after you have known what the strain is after it is fully developed.

Also, the seed bank regularly hosts various sales, offers, and discounts. These sales act as a magnet to attract the Buyers, as well it does win-win situation for all.

Next, we have in the list of extra features is the blog and the ‘how to’ guides. I49 seed bank believes in helping the growers build an extraordinary grow space.

These blogs are an inventory of useful articles and information related to cannabis cultivation.

Also, the ‘how to’ guides provide much useful guidance of various processes like ‘how to grow cannabis in different mediums’ and ‘how to germinate cannabis seeds.’

Next, in the list is the helping and co-operative customer care. They solve the queries, provided you are polite and respectful with them.

They are available on the telephonic line with number 18884414949 and via email at [email protected]

Their availability timings are 5 am to 7 pm most days of the week.

This seed bank does not have retail or local stores, but seeing the exponential growth of this seed bank, it will come to no surprise that you will find many retail stores there.

Some more Features

Proceeding further, i49 has a ‘search’ option for you to spot your strains and seeds quickly.

Last but not least, the i49 seed bank offers custom sort, where you can sort the seeds and strains based on various criteria like price, popularity, and type.

Thus, all these extra features, give i49 seed bank an extra edge over its competitors.

Medicinal Benefits

It is a known fact that the primary and the most crucial reason to make cannabis legal were its medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

The I49 seed bank has dedicated medical seeds, which has a myriad of medicinal benefits.

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mental depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Increase appetite of HIV/AIDS patient
  • Nausea associated with Cancer medication
  • Vomiting associated with Cancer medication

Thus, there are many medical benefits of cannabis seeds for medical patients.

i49 Seed Bank Review: Seeds at Glance

The inventory of i49 seeds is filled with a plethora of seeds and strains.

In this section, we have mentioned a few seeds and strains from every category for your reference, so that you may get a brief glimpse of the massive inventory of the i49 seed bank.

Zombie deathF fem, Siberian Snow Fem, 3 Kings OG Fem, Nicole Kush Fem, i49 high CBD Fem, Blue Dream Fem, Cheese Fem, and OG Kush Fem are some of the Featured seeds.

Gorilla Glue #4, White widow Fem, Purple Kush Fem, Sour Diesel Fem, Green Crack Fem, Train wreck Fem, Wedding Cake Fem, Banana Kush Fem, Moby dick Fem, and Nicole Kush Fem are some of the Feminized seeds.

Auto Gorilla Glue #4, Auto Northern Lights x Big bud Fem, Auto Bruce Banner Fem, Auto Triple XL Fem, Auto White widow, Auto Gelato Fem, Auto Critical Purple Fem, Auto Zkittlez Fem, auto Pineapple Fem, Auto blue Berry Fem are some of the best Auto Seeds.

I49 high CBD Fem, Auto Kush CBD Fem, Auto CBD Critical Mass Fem, Auto Widow CBD Fem, Auto Haze CBD Fem, CBD White Widow Fem, CBD Sour Lemon Fem, CBD Tijuana Fem, CBD AK47 Fem are some of the CBD Seeds.

AK 47 Fem, Do – Si – Dos Fem, Grand Daddy Purple Fem, Green Crack Fem, Auto Gelato Fem, Sour Diesel Fem, Critical Mass Fem, Strawberry Cough Fem, and Fire OG Fem are some of the seeds from ‘Cannabis Seeds USA Category.’

Additionally, the seed bank also deals with wholesale seeds. So if you wish to order any flower type seeds in bulk, you may most certainly do that.

Moreover, i49 also has hybrid Cannabis Seeds, especially for beginners in Cannabis Cultivation.

Indeed, the Seeds and Strain collection of i49 seed bank is remarkable!

i49 Seed Bank Review: Yields at Glance

This section demonstrates and glorifies the extraordinary yields from i49 seed bank.

Having a look at these marvelous yields will make you exclaim, ‘out of this world’ and ‘exemplary’!

See it for yourself!

i49 Seed Bank Review: Yields

i49 Seed Bank Review: Germination Guide

I49 is much considerate for its newbie’s and people in need of help. It has specially devised a Germination Guide for the same.

Even if you wish your Germination Guarantee to be honored, use this guide.

Let us get started with the Paper towel method!

1. Order cannabis seeds online from i49 seed bank.

2. Take a glass and fill it with distilled or spring water.

3. Place all the cannabis seeds to be soaked in the glass full of water. Make sure, and the seeds tip to bottom. If they still float, tap them gently on your own manually.

4. Cannabis seeds germinate in a proper germination environment.

This germination environment consists of three balanced factors like moisture, warmth, and darkness.

You have to maintain these factors in balance.

5. After 2-3 days, small taproots will start to emerge from the seeds.

6. Transfer those seeds and water in a paper towel. Cover the seeds and paper towel with another paper towel.

7. Observe the full taproots emerge. The length of the taproots would be around 0.75 inches in length.

8. Now transfer the seeds with the taproot into the growing medium (soil, Rockwool) and see the wonders happening.

(*Keep your paper towel moist! Depending on your humidity levels, it may require the addition of water every 5 hours. To maintain the moisture consistency!)

i49 Seed Bank Review: Germination Guide

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i49 Seed Bank Review: FAQ

Who is eligible to buy seeds from i49 seed bank?
Any individual older than 18 years, i.e., one who is an adult can order seeds from i49 seed banks.

Where does i49 seed bank ship seeds?
I49 seed bank ships seeds all across the globe.

Is it necessary to register the website for ordering cannabis seeds?
The registration to the website is not compulsory. You can simply check out and pay for your seeds.

Is the seed bank legit?
Yes, i49 seed bank is legit. Buyer reviews, Guarantees, and seed quality ensure the same.

What does the shipping cost?
The old cost is 30$; the new discounted price is 10$.

Does the i49 seed bank offer a shipping guarantee?
Yes, it does offer a shipping guarantee. It does shipping via USPS.

Does your system accept prepaid credit cards?
Yes, prepaid credit cards are accepted by the system.

Does the i49 seed bank offer refunds?
No, the i49 seed bank does not offer refunds.

Is the use of fake names recommended?
No, it is not recommended as it may cause confusion, and the orders may mix up.

Where can the cannabis seeds be stored?
You can store the cannabis seeds in a dark, dry, and uninterrupted place.

i49 Seed Bank Review: Conclusion

We have reached the climax of this wonderful i49 seed bank review.

This i49 Seed Bank review is just the exact recipe of awesomeness due to incredible ingredients like seed bank stature, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, ample payment modes, attractive freebies, FAQ, and Germination Guide.

Thus, the i49 seed bank is a ‘Cynosure in myriad’ among seed banks.

Hence, our expert team highly recommends this seed bank to all the readers and growers.

Have you ever tried ordering cannabis seeds from any of the seed banks? Write to us about your unique experiences.

We will cherish them for sure!

Make sure to leave your feedback, experiences, suggestions, and queries in our comment section, and we will answer them for you.

Try i49 seed bank and experience the difference yourself!

Is best harvest your top priority for your grow space? Go through this i49 Seed Bank Review and experience the best and most cash earning harvest!