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Последние отзывы

Finally chopped the remaining two plants from my first grow! These two were serious monsters, I’ve never grown before but I’m pretty sure these were significantly larger than most autos so if you’re looking for some beasts, I would recommend i49. and these had significantly larger buds than the one I harvested earlier. Have begun drying at 57-60 rh. Will update with more photos once drying is complete.

Update #1 – 3 days into curing

This time around I successfully prolonged the drying process to 2 weeks in 60% RH. After sampling some while trimming it before cure, I can already see a major improvement in smoothness and taste, along with overall scent when compared to the plant I harvested earlier. The high is better as well, although still not fully my desired heavy high. I was able to prolong the life of these for a while, but I still believe they were still a bit too immature to be harvested, with only around 5% amber trichomes. I would have preferred to get to around 30-40% as i love a true couch lock. All in all, very happy with a huge harvest, was not expecting to get this much bud. Will probably be running the couple ounces of popcorn I have over the sift and pressing the hash into rosin, and smoking the couple ounces of flower I have in joints and bowls.

Just harvested one plant today so will update in the future for smoke review, will continue updating weekly for the other 2

Update #1 – 5 days into drying:
Just had a taste test with some popcorn bud out of my bubbler, and I now know I must’ve did something right! The taste was obviously not very good as they need more drying and curing but I got a nice euphoric high! Very satisfied and excited for it to improve during curing.

Update # 2 – 1 month into cure

The quality is fine but never improved drastically with cure, I think I dried it too quickly. Gives a decent buzz but nothing heavy.

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