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Honeydew Kush

Honeydew Kush is a CBD:THC hybrid that delivers the sweet melon spice of classic North Africa hashish with similarly very long-lasting effects. Honeydew Kush can be used at very high doses throughout the day. Its high limonene content keeps away the blues, while its THC, CBD and caryophyllene provide a broad cannabinoid entourage that makes discomfort fade away. Great choice for experienced and novice users, and a smart one, too. Laboratory certified for cleanliness using a Biolumix mold and microbe detector.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, cramps, depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic

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  • Reviewed 3/31/16 by:
  • Experienced Westcoaster
Melt Away

Abatin’s II series are fantastic medical strains, and Honeydew II is no exception. It doesn’t just give you a strong head and body effect, but it feels like it goes really well together, similarly to Green Skunk II and Creamsicle Skunk II.

Effects = numbing, some compressing, and body melt

Ideal for: physical brain related conditions and physical pain

Mixes best with: REM, Northeast OG, Tangie, Trainwreck Hybrid, Green Love Potion, MediHaze, The Purps, Lost Coast Hashplant, Blueberry Headband, Old Amsterdam, and Blue Dream

  • Reviewed 2/3/16 by:
  • OlivierMessiaen
Sweet and Sensual

Honeydew has an absolutely delicious fragrance of unmistakable sweet, fresh, green melon. A sweet taste lingers on the tongue after smoking this. However, the highlight for me was the balance of mild cerebral uplift and a very sensual, warming, body buzz. Excellent for anxiety or stress, as muscle tension relaxes and your mind turns towards happy and creative thoughts. This herb definitely melts away social anxiety. Great before snuggle time with a loved one.

  • Reviewed 1/29/16 by:
  • Craig_DC2
Honeydew this, Honeydew that!

Honeydew is a wonderful new strain from Abatin Wellness Center, and I picked up a wonderfully cared, spongy flower from Takoma Wellness Center. The flowers are a dark olive green, covered in yummy trichomes. Honeydew has a sour smell, dairy. The subtle bouquet also has a sugary, honeydew-like floral zing, with sage and fennel in the background.

The best thing about Honeydew, is that it is a “natural” 50/50 ratio of THC and CBD (6%/9%), the way nature intended. This balance assures I will not be spaced out and unable to function, and I can focus and do tasks, and not be all “Kush had me like. ” Honeydew is a hybrid, right down the middle, and has very gentle, calming effects. Honeydew is great for head issues, especially migraines and headaches. It did help ease my muscle spasms. My fibromyalgia pain was eased, and it helped slow down my racing brain and helped me focus. It increases the appetite a lot, and I got the munchies big time. No dry mouth, a chalky, pleasant aftertaste. The effects went deep and last a long time, Honeydew is a great medicinal strain!

Best blended with Master Kush or an Indica, or maybe Sativa Afghani. Honeydew might go well with almost any strain.

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