holy grail kush strain

Holy grail kush strain

Bedtime weed for me for sure. It’s basically NyQuil but better

Excellent high and tastes lovely would highly recommend

Nice smooth taste and doesn’t take much to mellow me out. I especially like it for sleep/ bedtime. Smoker beware! Cotton mouth hits quickly into the buzz! “highly” recommended ?

I’m not a smoker but I did try this and I had no anxiety, tingly feelings arms/legs, totally relaxed and talkative/giggly..great for putting you to sleep too.

Just smoked a Holy Grail OG pre-roll and it was delicious. I deal with a lot of anxiety and this particular strain allowed my mind to relax and just chill. 5 stars

Testimonies: “Dude. wow. So we pull up to this condo, and like find this strain in a closet. Like sitting a closet, like its nearly worth it. We see it says “Holy Grail” on it. Pretty weird. So we smoke it, right? Holy shit. This grass should have been in a fucking trophy case. I have never been so blasted. This is the most potent thing of all time. Kind of felt like I was doing crack.” “Kinda sorta feel like we are in a James Bond movie where your Uber driver takes you to Mexico? And then buys you pastries and hot chocolate? Are you confused because we are.”

Perfect for me. always been a onda go all round athlete , now that im older body expresses difference. This specific strain is the equalizer for me mind & body. Creativity is there as well. love it

This is without doubt a five star bud. The smell is sort of like fuel or Sour Diesel – not floral or kushy. The taste out of my vape isn’t all that great unless you like fuel. It tastes like it smells. The effects though are fantastic. It gives a magnificent upper body stone with a pronounced tingle along the spinal column that lasts a long time. Sort of like a chakra tune-up. The head high is mellow and pleasant and paranoia isn’t possible. I sometimes mix it with Acapulco Gold for a full head and body stone that is the best I’ve ever experienced.

Holy Grail OG is an indica dominant strain with a 60:40 indica/sativa ratio. Its potency is unmatched with an astounding 24-29% THC content. What is really interesting about the strain is that it is the first of its kind to achieve a perfect score in its category. The strain is also popularly ref…