hog strain

Hog strain

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I absolutely love this girl! Been smoking for almost 30 years and this strain is Top 5. The white hairs are just amazing.

I typically do not write reviews as 50 years of toking has shown me that 90% of bud is pretty much the same. HOWEVER – every so often one comes along that set’s itself apart. Living in the MidWest, Mag Landrace, is one of them and now H.O.G. What a wonderful relaxing couch lock indica. We purchased prerolls and the smoke is very smooth with a piney? Banana? Exhale. But let’s get to the action – or dare I say in-action. Some say it’ induces sleep but I say it induces a comatose response rather than sleep. Oh – you will HEAR the music or HEAR the TV but can you do anything about it? No. OH – you are “awake” for sure but cognoscente of your surroundings? Not so much. Certainly a night time strain and we LOVE it however – don’t get to excited about wild conversations and beefy arguments. Bravo! This is in the top 10 of all strains and near the top of all indicas in the last 50 years. Prerolls are a little much even for this heavy toker so use it as a blend OR bust get all couch locky! Both work!!


One of the greatest strains ever i am so thankful its close to me on the regular.

The Hog is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain of unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy. This bud is internationally recognized as one of the world's strongest strains and users are often advised to use cautionary dosage control when using it. It took home the gold medal in 2012…