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Himalayan Gold Strain [Origins, Potency, Benefits]

The high mountains of the Himalayas are one of the most majestic sights in the world. With soaring peaks and dangerous climbing, few people ever get to experience the true majesty of this mountain range.

For those who are looking for a little of that fleeting, exciting thrill of mountain-climbing the Himalayas, the Himalayan Gold strain might be just what you need. With plenty of beautiful, mountain air feelings and a potent THC concentration, this strain is one that everyone should keep on hand for whenever they want one of the best highs imaginable.

So, what exactly makes this strain so interesting? What is the Himalayan Gold strain?

What Is the Himalayan Gold Strain?

The first thing most people think of when they hear about the Himalayas is the glorious peak of Everest. This dangerous mountain range is well known for its crisp air and terrifying heights. The Himalayan Gold strain of weed is well known for inspiring those same feelings of full energization and a zest for life.

A cross of a few different indigenous strains, including a few Indian indicas and a Nepalese sativa, this strain is all about giving you the feeling of being atop the tallest mountain in the world.


After taking your first puff of Himalayan Gold, your mind will immediately become elevated. Your consciousness will be propelled forward, allowing you to experience a pure rush of euphoria.

Himalayan Gold is an extremely creative strain, but not one that lends itself to intense psychoactive, psychedelic highs. Instead, your mind will race and jump from conclusion to conclusion, all while allowing you to remain on this plane of existence.

You will be grounded in this reality, but aware of higher consciousness and all that you could achieve. If you have some kind of creative project burning a hole in your study, this is the perfect strain to give you the creative motivation to finally get it done.

However, a thing to note is that, while this makes it sound like Himalayan Gold is primarily a sativa, it does not give that potent body buzz that you would expect. The mental high it provides is exceptionally adaptable and changing, meaning that your mental state will continue to shift throughout the high.

You won’t ever find yourself passing out – thankfully! But the high will begin to wind down towards the end to be replaced with gentle contentment with everything around you.

The primary effect of the Himalayan Gold strain is what it does to your mood. Happiness, joy, and general outward charisma are what await you about an hour after you smoke this strain. Plenty of smiles and perhaps just a little bit too much talking are likely going to be your first reactions.

But what about its actual flavor composition? Does it have an alluring aroma besides its significant effects?


The aroma of the Himalayan Gold marijuana strain is pretty confusing when you first smell it. It smells precisely like the crisp air of a mountain top, only with far more depth of flavor hidden beneath.

While the description of “crisp air” might sound quite dull for a marijuana strain, it is exceptionally complex and exciting. As you break the buds open, further flavors appear, like citrus and intense fruitiness, but not so much that it becomes a fruity strain.

There is an element of spice, as well as a very gentle aroma of fresh curry spices, but only just on the edge of your awareness.

What about its flavor? Does it taste just like it smells?


As you break the buds open and get smoking the Himalayan Gold strain, the first flavor you will notice is an interesting note of coffee. This rugged spiciness will tickle your tongue and give you a sensation of intense awareness.

In fact, a shot of coffee is possibly the best way to describe both the flavor and effects of this strain. It wakes you up, leaving you raring to go and filling you with all kinds of different feelings and flavors.

There is a hint of those citrus and fruity flavors that the aroma promised, but they are far more muted than you would have expected.

It is honestly an otherworldly experience when you first taste this strain. However, it doesn’t stop with the taste – this strain also has an incredibly attractive appearance.


The buds of this intriguing strain don’t look like mountains, but they don’t look like an ordinary marijuana strain either.

They are decently large, but instead of being hard and resilient like you would expect a mountain to be, they are soft and supple. The leafy buds of this strain are very soft and exceptionally fluffy, almost like a well cared for sheep’s wool.

Though the plant itself grows massively tall and produces plenty of buds, the grindable bud from this strain is delicate and tender. You almost want to cradle it in your hand for fear of damaging its fragile frame. It has an almost yellow tinge from its trichome count, as well as its more well-dried segments.

The very best way to look after your gentle and dainty bud is to try and grow some yourself. That way, there is no chance that anyone else will be able to damage it.

So, what do you need to know to be able to grow your Himalayan Gold?

Himalayan Gold Strain Grow Info

As the name implies, this strain tends to grow absolutely massive. If you can get a hold of some Himalayan Gold strain seeds, you need to grow it outdoors to make room for its enormous growth. If you must keep it indoors, expect a shorter plant, as it will try to fill the available space.

To best encourage bud production, practice frequent topping and trimming. This encourages the plant to make more bud-producing colas, which in turn also helps increase the plant’s sunlight efficiency.

As it is such a fast and large grower, you need to keep it heavily fed with a decently high nitrogen fertilizer. If you try to underfeed it, not only will it tend to grow limp, but the buds won’t be as attractive or anywhere near as potent.

An important thing to note is that this strain has an extremely noticeable, almost overwhelming scent to it. This means that if anyone happens to be walking past while your plant is growing, you can expect them to almost immediately notice, even if you have kept it hidden.

Its pungent coffee aroma is almost unmistakable, making it super difficult to conceal this potent strain. So, if you need to hide your growing practices, you likely need to keep it indoors. To hide it further, consider putting in an air circulator and purifier to try and get rid of any offending smell that might give you away.

Once your Himalayan Gold is all grown and ready, make sure to harvest it as soon as the buds begin to develop pistils. If you are too slow, you risk not getting enough of that beautiful coloration, or anywhere near enough of its unique aroma.

After it is harvested and dried, what kind of final cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

With effects and aromas like the tops of soaring mountains, it only makes sense that the THC content of this strain reaches equal heights. Himalayan Gold cannabis possesses up to 25% THC content, though samples have been tested in the 15% to 25% range.

Such high levels of THC can be a shock to your system if you are someone who does not smoke potent strains regularly. For those who do, however, the effects of Himalayan Gold make for any enjoyable high.

Given that Himalayan Gold has a higher than average level of THC, you would expect it to have almost non-existent levels of CBD. The reason for this is that it is rare to find a strain that manages to pack a potent dose of both THC and CBD at the same time.

So, what exactly can you expect from Himalayan Gold in terms of its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Himalayan Gold is one of those rare cases that shows there is an exception to every rule. While its CBD content does not reach double digits, it is still much higher than you would first think.

Tests have shown that, in some cases, Himalayan Gold can contain as much as 2% CBD. This is much higher than the mere trace amounts that you would typically find in a strain with such a high THC content.

However, there is no guarantee when it comes to the CBD content of Himalayan Gold. Just like its THC levels, the number can vary drastically. Some tests have shown Himalayan Gold to have as little as 0.3% CBD, which is a far cry from the 2% found in other tests.

Despite its disputed CBD content, Himalayan Gold has several medical benefits that come from its uplifting, energizing high.

Medical Benefits of the Himalayan Gold Strain

The mood-boosting effects of a Himalayan Gold high make it ideal for tackling the effects of depression.

While under the influence of Himalayan Gold, it feels almost impossible to focus on worries and negative thoughts. You instead find your mind drifting towards positive and motivating topics. The energizing effects of Himalayan Gold can also help those who are suffering from depression, giving them the mental boost they need to stay active.

For very similar reasons, the effects of Himalayan Gold can help to combat stress. With just a few puffs of Himalayan Gold, you find that even the most worrisome of issues do not feel so bad. You can work through your thoughts calmly and methodically.

Himalayan Gold not only has the ability to boost your mood, but it also helps to prevent mood swings. For this reason, it is often recommended to those who suffer from bipolar disorder. When taken on a regular basis, it has the potential to reduce sudden changes in mood, making the condition feel much more predictable.

Some people have found that Himalayan Gold can suppress nausea and increase appetite. Such effects are helpful for those who are undergoing treatments that reduce your appetite, making it challenging to maintain a healthy diet.

While a Himalayan Gold high is all about the strain’s psychoactive effects, it still manages to have a few medical uses that target physical conditions. For example, Himalayan Gold has been shown to reduce inflammation, while also numbing pain that can be caused as a result.

Unfortunately, there are very few strains that do not have at least a few adverse side effects, and unlike its CBD content, Himalayan Gold is no exception to this rule. So, what should you be aware of when taking Himalayan Gold?

Possible Side Effects of the Himalayan Gold Strain

The good news for those who are keen to try Himalayan Gold is that, while it does have a few potential side effects, most are only temporary. Many of the side effects that can occur when taking Himalayan Gold come from the high THC content.

One of these effects is the increased chance of experiencing sudden dizziness. One of the ways in which the body shows that it is struggling to process the amount of THC in your system is through symptoms similar to vertigo. As Himalayan Gold contains a large amount of THC, the chances of this are much more likely.

THC can also cause anxious thoughts, and when smoking Himalayan Gold in larger doses is something to look out for. For those who already struggle with anxiety, experts generally advise that you avoid Himalayan Gold altogether, as it can cause some pretty scary waves of anxiety.

Not all of the side effects of Himalayan Gold are due to the level of THC within the strain, but instead are the result of its positive impacts.

While the uplifting energy boost that you feel when smoking Himalayan Gold is great at the time, for those who suffer from insomnia, it could make it almost impossible to fall asleep later. If you take Himalayan Gold in the morning, this is unlikely to be a problem, but a late afternoon toke might just prevent you from later falling asleep.

Final Thoughts on the Himalayan Gold Strain

Himalayan Gold is an extremely rewarding strain with plenty of promise. Its energizing high and ability to make you see the world in a new, positive light make Himalayan Gold the perfect way to spend an active Saturday afternoon.

With this strain, you can experience the buzz of climbing the Himalayan Mountains without actually having to complete the hike. All the fun and pleasure with none of the danger – what’s not to like?

All you need to know about Himalayan Gold marijuana strain, including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.