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If you are a new grower and do not care or are not aware of genetic stability or breeder authenticity, this is the site for you. If you are an american and you are a connoisseur who is looking for stable genetics from known breeders just know they will rob you. They say they will send you a video of them repackaging your seeds but the video will not be able to download or view the video then they’ll just say sorry and try and say if they were scammers their site would have been removed but I think that’s BS since they can’t even get pornography off the internet why would they care about some euro scammers. Seedsman is based out of europe as well and they send original authentic breeder packs sealed not some ziplock bags with stickers on them. They get many good reviews because seeds aren’t easy to get so new growers will be happy with anything if they don’t know about breeder practices. All I wanted was the video I asked for and said I’d get. If the videos were legit I’d believe it. Disappointed but it’s ok I will continue to do business with seedsman and spread the word about these folks here. Also other scammers besides these guys would be “oaseeds” and “midweek song” be aware look for authentic breeder packs by quality breeders with proof. Happy growing

Thank you for your review. We have a full description of the stealth method on our website, that’s not a hidden information, we can also send the original packages to the USA with your request, but we will not take a responsibility if the customs will get involved in that case. Also, we do provide a packing video if requested, it does work on our end. Perhaps you were using IOC decide to watch it, while we are using win 10 standard players, try this one. Also, we can provide screenshots from that video if needed

Simply the Best.

Simply the Best.
A complete selection. Well-designed website makes ordering quick and easy. Knowledgeable customer service to answer any question you might have while browsing the web page. Online tracking was helpful as the order made it across the pond through US Customs, through the states, out to the West Coast via USPS.
Herbies’ customer service team put my mind at ease following seizure of my second order. I answered a couple of questions and received my replacement order within a couple of weeks, no hassles. This will not be the last time I order Herbies seeds.
Order your seeds from Herbies today.

Thanks Herbies!!
A customer for life.

Thank you for your review. We are so encouraged to know that you find our service and website convenient. We wish you best of luck with your hobby and hope to see you again soon!

Small, Difficult to Germinate Seeds

I had some trouble with the recent order I placed with Herbies Seeds. I bought Jack Herer, Runtz, GSC and OG Kush seeds, three of each. They also sent a few free-gift seeds which is very nice. Most of the seeds I received are surprisingly small, however, looking underdeveloped, and a lighter green color with nominal striations. In other words, they look exactly like the kind of seeds we’re told to avoid by master growers. 6 of the seeds have failed to germinate via the water float/paper towel method, 4 germinated with thin and twisted tap roots, and 2 are looking pretty good–I’ll update this review on how they all turn out. I use the water float/damp paper towel germination method in a dark space kept at 70 to 75 degrees. I have typically had 95% success with this method until this batch.

Herbies customer service responded quickly. They weren’t able to replace 3 of the strains I had ordered, which had sold out, but have sent me 4 OG Kush seeds, which is 4 short of a full replacement. I do wish they could have been able to replace the runtz and Jack Herer. As the response below mentions, there is a form on their website for filing claims for faulty product.
Go to:
More > Quality Control > Defective Seeds > Quality Claim Form.

Based on my experience in retail, and with other seed sellers who go out of their way to make sure customers are happy with what they buy, their response to my complaint was a bit underwhelming. I see Herbies has very high marks here, so maybe what I received isn’t representative of the quality of their product and customer service. Maybe I didn’t communicate my expectations clearly enough.

Thank you for your review. At our quality control page, we fairly describe the guarantees of germination and how a claim form is filled. We regret that you find it inconvenient, however, we are retailers, and quality guarantee is provided by the seed banks. Also, the compensation order, we have discussed has already been dispatched and hopefully will reach you soon

Perfect Service

Perfect Service, highly recommanded !

Thank you for your review, we are happy to know that you find our service convenient. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again soon!

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