heavy duty fruity strain

Heavy duty fruity strain

Wake n’ bake: uplifting, happy, relaxed. eyes feel a little heavy – not enough to couchlock though focus is good so I could see that happen. Taste is mild, leaves a peppered tinge at the back of the palate; however the overall after taste is mildly sweet & peppery. Recommend for morning and mid afternoon for a lift. It has a nice balance between the cerebral & physical effects.

Just smoked some taste is awesome buzz is pretty heavy and focused. Definitely going to be the star of my next grow!!

Great flavor nice high

My friend from DC grew this strain to a beautiful more indica looking pheno. And the harvest was insane like too much for the amount of plants just a note for you growers out there anyway. The look/taste is 10/10 but effects are what i care about most and i must say it felt like a mild indica with no couch lock effects and a mild sativa with no real strong cerebral effect so i feal by being a hybrid this strain gives you a little of each which is good but it doesnt deliver those effects as strong as i thought it would have. I have to say it looked and smelled so nice really great looking bud.

Heavy Duty Fruity is a hybrid marijuana strain that is produced by mating Mendocino Hash Plant with Bid Bud. It has an Indica/Sativa content of about 50/50. The plant has a flowering period of eight to nine weeks and gives a good yield of about 400g/m2 to 600g/m2. The plant can reach a height of …