head banger strain

Head banger strain

I just picked up an 1/8th from the grower, Dime Bag with a THC content of 22.57%. I’m a heavy daily smoker and this flower pummeled my ass! One bowl out of the pipe and the high settles in right between the eyes with an old school skunk bud high. two bowls and the spins might set in. seriously. It’s sun grown too! If you’re looking for a couch lock hybrid go grab some of this. The buds are small, dense, dark and covered in red and purple hairs. Best part. its on the bottom shelf at the dispensary. Keep this secret between us. 🙂

Headbanger is one of the finest hybrid strains you can possibly get your hands on. The strain is produced by crossing Biker Rush and Sour Diesel and also won the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in 2013. Not only is it a sativa dominant strain but it has an exceptionally high THC content which falls anywhe…