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Hazeman seeds

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Please share your photos and experiences of all things ‘Hazeman’, I’m no fan boy, but I’ve ran a couple of his strains that I really liked and I’ve currently got his Strawberry Cough and LAPK in the stash.

Elephant stomper ‘7 week pheno’

Grow God

Hazeman is a fellow Michigander, I’ve grown his seeds a few times. I don’t think I’ve gotten a seed from him yet that hasn’t popped and they have all been robust plants. My favorite from him is Durban Poison. I’m not convinced it’s the same Durban that went around back in the 70’s and 80’s but it’s still very nice. What’s different is that he’s got two distinct phenotypes, one is more Sativa dominant in it’s growth pattern. The old School Durban smelled more of anise and less of lemon and only had one basic pheno, which was less potent but also a bit more “racy” of a buzz. His seem to be the same seeds as Dutch Passion’s because they also have the two same phenotypes. The Sativa dominant pheno is the better of the two for sure, it’s the keeper. It finishes just as fast, has the same basic taste as buzz (very up and busy, it almost feels like a true long growth Sativa, not quite but it’s close) It grows huge compared with the more indica looking strain. As far as I know this is the fasted finishing Sativa around, although I’d be rather shocked if it’s still an untouched landrace as is claimed. (But who knows, Durban might have gotten some indica crossed into it a thousand years ago).

He also sent me an Aloha White Widow X white shark (white widow X SK#1). I wasn’t going to bother with them because white widow has always been rather blah of a smoke to me. Looks fantastic, but doesn’t really taste or smell all that great and although it packs a punch the first couple times you smoke it, that’s not enough to keep a strain going for me. I almost kept a male from them though because it had the markers for great genetics. Strong early growth like many males, but it also smelled better, it had 13 leaflets (blades) per leaf, which it probably got from the SK#1, which used to get 15 leaflets back in the day. I wouldn’t run this current strain again unless plant limits are undone. As a sea of green I’m sure it would produce just fine, but it’s not a great plant for production with limited plants.

From his more modern seed stock my favorite was a pack of BlueDream X White/Stardawg, which he sent me as testers. They were absolute monsters and I should run them again some day.

Please share your photos and experiences of all things 'Hazeman', I'm no fan boy, but I've ran a couple of his strains that I really liked and I've…