growing san pedro from seed

Growing san pedro from seed

First learn the basics of plant care by raising ordinary house plants or vegetables and herbs instead of experimenting on a rare and expensive sacred cactus. There is no point in trying to grow cactus from seed if you haven’t been able to create a healthy environment to raise adult specimens. In fact, only after you have a collection of healthy sacred cactus should you look to having children.

Growing from seed is fraught with problems:
1) No one certifies seed so you may have wait years to see what your plant becomes.
2) The seed may be genetically inbred, or have very poor germination.
3) You might spend months raising seed only to have it die from drying out, or turn to goo from a fungus infection.

Seed from Peru, purchased in 2007, resulted in zero germination!

Now a new source, direct from Peru, is the best germinating of all. Only problem is that it will take several years before the mature plants shows what it truly is.

San Pedro cactus, Trichocereus Pachanoi, Peruvian Torch, Sacred Cactus