green dragon strain

Green dragon strain

Got this from a friend, 30 yr smoker, BEST TOP 3 I HAVE EVER HAD. Lucky me, there was a huge cola in the bag, that was tightly holding 2 seeds. Long story short, a dumb blonde who has killed aloe, grew two amazingly beautiful plants. All you need is Amazon and blogs. — This is great for me because I suffer from anxiety depression PTSD bipolar insomnia. this helps everything!

Just had this strain and it was great. I don’t regret my purchase as I enjoyed every single toke I had from this bud. You will not be disappointed! Top 3 flowers I’ve ever tried.

One of the best strains ever. Helps my anxiety & PTSD so much! It just makes everything so much better 🙂

💪💪💪 5 star rating is official. Taste is good Smoke is good

Green Dragon BX-7.29 created by Master Thai’s Organic Gardens and Seeds of Lake Tahoe , The same guy that created Tahoe OG back in 1982 and has that real original genetics skunk #1 & OG Kush going too, Uncle Festers Skunk #1 & OG Skunk#1 that makes the cheese for starts. lots of solid gear and solid ibl’s from the past a genetic gold mine . Heard he is taking some time off and will be back in the late fall with all new ibl offerings and genetics must haves !


Interesting story, my friend had an enlarged prostate and could not pee. And his medications were not working. Drs. told him that he would not pee for the rest of his life, and that there was nothing they could do. He mainly smoked this strain and some others with similar combinations. He prostate shrunk and his Dr is amazed. Also he told his Dr. what he did to cure it, and the Dr. said he should continue. I like it for my Nausea due to my prescription drugs that I need off of.

This Indica grabbed my attention with it’s full bright green buds & it’s bright orange hairs. Got me next with it’s sweet, minty, skunky, & pine smells & tastes. Strain has more CBD then most nearing 2%. Uplifted, happy, & dizzy effects at first followed by calm, lazy, relaxation. At night’s end i put my head on my pillow & fall right to sleep.

Green Dragon is a 100% pure indica strain created as a potent cross between the deliciously popular Afghani X Turkish Gummy strains. With a moderately high THC level between 17-19% as well as a CBD level between 1-2% and a memorably sweet candy taste, Green Dragon is a cult favorite of anyone wh…