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Grapehead by
Woodward Fine Cannabis

Woodward Does It Again With This Enticing Limited Edition Strain

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

If you’ve seen any of Woodward’s other “Limited Edition” flavors, like Beach Wedding, you know what’s in store here. Woodward Fine Cannabis, cultivated by Fire Rock in Akron, comes housed in a clear plastic bottle with a black lid. Design for this “Limited Edition” strain, released in November 2019, favors a neon-splashed 80s aesthetic that’s both appealing and colorful. The bottle themselves are easy to open, and recyclable. You really can’t go wrong with this design. It’s patient-friendly but also appealing to graphic design nerds like myself.

Update: This strain has now been added to Woodward’s regular lineup. As such, it has received a design in keeping with Woodward’s traditional medical cannabis. For additional photos, view the slides above.

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

My bottle of Grapehead contained mostly mini nugs, or popcorn nugs …that is, save for two large, dense nugs about the size of a silver dollar. For real, one of them was a beast (note the photos above).

Of all the strains I’ve photographed over the years, Grapehead features the single most stunning orange pistils I’ve seen yet! There are splashes of amber everywhere, but also a sherbet-like orange that dominates the buds.

Greens here are also more saturated than usual, more like military greens than pine. Trichomes are not as dense, but shimmer like mirrors in the light.

This strain looks almost … alien. Like it was cultivated in a slightly different environment than your usual strain, and the results are a richer, more saturated bud, with stronger oranges. It’s really something beautiful to behold!

How Does It Grind?

Bud colas in my bottle of Grapehead were fairly dense, but ground down pretty easily. About 4-5 popcorn nugs resulted in 2-3 bowls of dry flower for vaping.

It is worth noting that this strain actually grinds pretty quickly. This is great for those with pain in their hands or fingers. But a word of warning: grinding too much can result in a powdery grind, which burns quickly. This isn’t bad for vaping, but check your grind to ensure the best consistency for your uses.

Smell Before Vaping

Grapehead lives up to its name! Expect to be hit with intense diesel fumes carrying both a powerful grape aroma and a strong squeeze of lemon. Leave this bottle open for a few minutes and expect those diesel fumes to fill whatever space you’re in.

This strain is like opening a bottle of wine — those exciting first notes exploding from the mouth of the bottle in a whirling haze of soft vapor. This flush of aromas lasts a mere moment, though. The intensity and aroma of that moment is translated here, and profoundly augmented in a way that allows the sugary grape bouquet to remain for longer than one single moment.

This also means that Grapehead can come on a little strong, and may not be for everyone’s tastes, especially those who don’t favor classic diesel fumes with their cannabis strains. But if you do … expect to love every second of this one.

The Taste Test

I vaped this medical cannabis with an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer. I like to start my first bag at a lower temperature to open the terpenes, and work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids.

Grapehead continues to live up to its name! There’s a dominating flavor akin to grape candy at the forefront of this strain. It continues to dance throughout this strain’s palette, adding notes to nearly every existing flavor, of which there are a few. Most notable, like the aroma, are the diesel fumes, which help intensify the overall flavor.

These fumes also present a pine through-thread that delivers a woody bite about mid-way through vaping. This may yield a few coughs for those with sensitive lungs. But don’t fret, the sweet lemon aftertaste will warm you over. It is complemented by a hint of lavender, as well as the dominating grape flavor.

While I enjoyed the initial hit and aftertaste of this strain, I found myself struggling a little with the pine notes. It was like tasting a bitter leaf while enjoying a juicy grape. It didn’t deter the experience in the end, but it was something that required some getting used to.

I would recommend pairing this one with an oaked red wine or a glass of juice or fruit-infused tea.

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

Note: The medicinal benefits noted in this strain profile are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Grapehead by Woodward Fine Cannabis is a sativa strain, a cross of Lemon Jack and Grape Pie. The bottle I purchased contained cannabis with 29% THC and 0.01% CBD.

My medical marijuana patient consultant suggested I give this strain a try to enjoy the fruity grape flavors, as well as the energizing and refreshing medicinal effects. This strain differs from Woodward’s other sativa, Animal Face #2, in that it promises a deeper euphoric effect.

Grapehead once more lives up to its name in that this strain started off in my head, slowly radiating throughout my eyes, traveling down by neck and spine. I did note some gentle twitching as I vaped. This twitching settled as my muscles relaxed.

This was followed by a galvanizing sense of energy that had me up and doing tasks in mere moments. Even better, the euphoric effects of this strain lasted quite a while, making this a great mid-day sativa if you need to get through some projects, or power through some exercise, chores or difficult situations. With that in mind, don’t try this one before bed. It’s bound to keep you up.

The headband effect is pretty intense with Grapehead, so patients sensitive may want to try a milder sativa. But for those seeking relief, energy and soothing euphoria, this strain should do the trick.

Grapehead by Woodward Fine Cannabis Woodward Does It Again With This Enticing Limited Edition Strain Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer Packaging: First Impressions If you’ve seen any