grape candy strain

Basic info about Grape Candy

Seeds of Compassion Flowering: ±70 days mostly indica

Grape Candy was created using a Purple Rhino male dusted on the Grape Ape clone. Purple Rhino is a genetically purple pheno of Nirvana’s White Rhino, which was isolated and bred by Dr. Load. Purple Rhino carries a lot of color in its genes, ranging from light pink to fluorescent magenta. The pheno used was a frosty, purple sacked male. He brings pink coloring, lots of frost, creamy/berry smells and taste, and a mellow balanced effect. Grape Ape stays very short and flowers fast; the flowers get very dense and purple. Grape Ape smells like grape gum/perfume/vanilla, and transitions to taste perfectly, coats the mouth for a while. Grape Ape’s effect is happy, mellow, anti-anxiety, relaxing and mildly sedating. Expect genetically purple calyxes/pollen sacks, very pronounced grape candy taste and smell, with a mellow effect. Many thanks to FourWiseEyes.

All info about the marijuana strain Grape Candy from the breeder Seeds of Compassion!