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Granddaddy Purple Seeds

Granddaddy Purple, AKA GDP or Gran Daddy Purps is a famous indica cross between Purple Urkle & Big Bud. This Stunning Marijuana Strain inherited the unique grape & berry aroma from the Purple Urkle parent, while Big Bud contributed the extra large, compact bud formation.

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Granddaddy Purple Strain


Granddaddy Purple strain, AKA GDP, or Gran Daddy Purps is a famous 100% pure indica cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. Ken Estes, a breeder in the San Francisco Bay Area is credited with creating Granddaddy Purple in 2003. Ken developed GDP in his search for a strain that was easy to grow and delivered much-needed pain relief. Many people use Gran Daddy as a potent sedative. Granddaddy Purple is one of the most popular indica strains on the west coast and is possibly the most well known ‘purple’ cannabis strain in the United States. GDP won first place for Best U.S. Indica in 2015 at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup.


Grandaddy’s buds have an extremely attractive appearance. The flowers are varying shades of purple with bright orange and red hairs. Nugs are incredibly compact and fuzzy with seductive purple hues and a generous covering of trichomes that run throughout. This is a big reason that GDP is an extremely photogenic strain with great bag appeal.

Grand Daddy Purps Flavor

Granddaddy Purple strain has a strong and distinct aroma of grapes and a sweet marshmallow berry scent. The smoke tastes like an earthy pinecone mixed with a sweet and floral fruity punch. Some people have also described the exhale as having a skunky grape popsicle taste.


Myrcene is the dominant terpene in GDP with supporting amounts of caryophyllene and pinene. The terpene profile of Grand Daddy Purple had an intense berry quality. Couple this with significant pain-relieving and stomach easing effects, GDP is perfect for patients looking for a relaxing session that provides relief to many ailments.


GrandDaddy Purple Seeds are also beneficial for those who suffer from irregular sleep patterns, it relaxes both the mind and body. Gran Daddy Purps has a THC content of 22%. CBD is .03%. For cancer patients, it has also proven to help reduce nausea brought on by radiation and chemotherapy. This strain has the feature of helping to restore appetite in those who are under medication or suffer from anorexia nervosa.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Effects

This strain has a serious kick and its psychoactive effects are detectable in both body and mind. It manages to deliver a powerful feeling of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. Grand Daddy Purple produces a mellow psychedelic high that improves mood and evokes giggles. You’ll find yourself fixed in place while your thoughts drift on a dreamy cloud for several hours. Just like any other indica dominant strain, it’s primarily used for relaxation. The strain is useful for patients experiencing appetite loss, pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, and stress.

Growing the Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple seeds yields massive dense buds that are ready after 60-75 days of indoor flowering. Moderately resistant to common diseases, Granddaddy Purple seeds are quite easy to grow. Try to pay attention to the humidity levels, which it prefers at about 50%. GDP plants like a well-ventilated space for growth and should be trimmed to create more room to breathe and flourish. Indoor and outdoor plants grow bushy and produce an average yield of 500g/ plant. Outside, it’s ready for harvest around Mid-October. Lowering the temperature in the grow room during the final weeks of flowering will produce a more vivid purple color in the spectacular colas. Just keep temperatures above 14 degrees Celsius / 57 F during that time.

Granddaddy Purple strain is an impressive cross of Purple Urkle & Big Bud. GDP has a unique grape & berry aroma & compact, extra large buds.

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Dominant Origins & Notables


The Indica heritage of Granddaddy Purple makes it a tough and durable breed. It is resistant to most diseases and thrives in dry and airy conditions. The plant does not grow too tall and has plenty of thick side branches. Those branches are strong because they have to carry the weight of the humongous buds. Yes, GDP’s buds are exceptionally large compared to other strains – one of the reasons it is highly prized by cultivators of all levels. Furthermore, they are covered with THC-filled snowy trichomes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when growing this strain is the relative humidity. Although it is not very fussy, it is sensitive to excessive moisture. A damp environment can cause the stomata on their leaves to close, inhibiting fluid absorption. This means that your nutrient-rich watering solution will not be absorbed properly, and the plant will not reach its full potential.

Other than that, GDP will not give you any problems. Growing indoors or outdoors is up to you. Just remember to check the moisture levels regularly. With proper feeding and warm temperatures, it will pretty much grow itself. The purple coloration will appear as the plant matures and could become more vibrant due to the cooler temp at flowering time. Pay attention to the buds as they start to swell. You might have to give the branches a hand to support the extra weight.

Flowering Time



Medical Application

This Indica strain was created specifically for its medical benefits, and so it is no surprise that it is used for a number of physical and mental ailments. While it is true that its effects are primarily on the body, it does not mean that it has no benefits for the mind.

On the physical side, the most popular uses are for relieving muscle cramps and neuropathic pain. However, it is also suitable for headaches and migraines. As for psychological disorders, anxiety and stress can be mitigated since it acts as a tranquilizer. Additionally, it creates a mild euphoria that can help people who are dealing with depression.

Higher doses may be required to have a more significant impact on chronic insomnia. Smoking can make you feel relaxed and drowsy, but if you are severely sleep-deprived, this strain will produce quicker results as an edible. This method of consumption is also better if your medical issue is a lack of appetite related to cancer treatment.

Adverse Reactions

The majority of users report dry mouth and dry eyes, but these conditions are common with any marijuana strain. You should prepare a glass of water and a bottle of moisturizing eye drops nearby, as the sedative effects could prevent you from getting up from your armchair and walk to the kitchen.

Aside from those mild downsides, Granddaddy Purple is not known to cause paranoia or increased anxiety. But take note that the THC concentration is quite high, between 16 to 24%. Individuals who are sensitive to THC could experience some dizziness. Start with a low dose, but if nausea persists, you should switch to a strain that contains more CBD.


The effects of GDP are quintessentially Indica. It generates a body high that could overwhelm you, but in a positive way. As relaxation spreads through your limbs, you will feel the need to sit down. Your muscles will loosen up and your head will feel heavy. Nevertheless, it is not an oppressing sensation. In fact, you will experience deep contentment.

After a while, you might get an attack of the munchies. Because the tangy and sweet flavor of the bud stimulates your palate, you will find that everything you put in your mouth will taste unusually punchy and concentrated. This is probably not the right time to experiment with bitter food combinations or chilies unless they are things that you are used to.

Gradually, the sense of relaxation will become so deep that you will catch yourself nodding off. This is expected because this strain is recognized as a natural sedative. For this reason, it is best to consume it at the end of the day or during the weekend. Make sure that all your tasks are done because it will be difficult to stay awake and alert.



Similar Strains

If you have a penchant for purple strains, buy Purple Kush Fem seeds. It has the same vibrant coloration. This is a 100% Indica strain that averages an impressive THC level of 22%. Just like Granddaddy Purple, it has a strong grape flavor with a subtle earthiness, but it carries the scent of sandalwood, too. It’s an excellent treatment for chronic pain and insomnia.

Another purple weed you can try is Purple Haze Fem, a Sativa-dominant strain. Contrary to GDP, its effects are more cerebral, and it can promote creativity and chattiness. A great mood-lifter and energizer, it is less likely to cause drowsiness. Moreover, the flavor is more blueberry than grape, and the smoke has a spicier kick.

To go all out purple in your marijuana garden, we highly recommend the more obscure but equally alluring Purple Gelato Fem. This is a high-yielding plant that responds very well to hydroponics. But being more prone to pests, it takes more experience to grow successfully outdoors. If you have the know-how, you can coax it to grow a stupendous 600 grams (21 ounces) per plant.

Nonetheless, for users who prefer Granddaddy Purple’s Indica’s characteristics, a classic like Northern Lights is a brilliant alternative. This is one of the most famous Indicas in the world –full of healing benefits and almost devoid of any adverse reactions. Its densely-packed buds are desired by medical and recreational consumers alike.

GDP is ideal for a mix-and-match grow, being a small and compact plant. If you want some variety, any of these strains can easily be grown with it in the same space. Order your seeds from i49 and be assured of the highest quality. Come harvest time, get ready for a bounty of lush, potent buds.

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