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Gorilla Seeds Review, 2021

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History and Reputation of Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla Seed Bank opened in 2011, making it a still relatively new seed bank, though Gorilla’s founders are certainly not new to cannabis, with over 40 years of combined experience. Gorilla Seed Bank is based in the UK but has developed reach throughout the world. The company’s main founder, Alex, says that he started Gorilla Seeds after being disappointed in his purchases from a number of other seed banks – making it his goal to have a shop where customers always have great experiences.

Seed Selection and Product Quality

Gorilla Seed Bank is a reseller, not a breeder. So, while they carry many of the most popular strains from over 60 different breeders, this seed bank does not create any of its own strains. Gorilla Seed Bank offers the option to buy by the seed, which many buyers prefer. And most of Gorilla’s customers have reported great satisfaction with the crops their seeds have yielded.

However, Gorilla Seed Bank sometimes has problems keeping seeds in stock. When buyers place orders for strains that aren’t currently available (despite being shown as such on the website), Gorilla’s staff attempts to select high-quality replacements to send in their place. Unfortunately, this seed bank has received quite a few complaints from buyers who were unhappy with the quality of these substitutions. Several of these have reported that their substitution seeds seemed old and stale and failed to germinate. Another common complaint surrounding this practice is that most buyers would prefer to know up front whether a seed is out of stock and to choose for themselves whether to order substitutions and of which strains.

No Germination Guarantee

It’s important to know that Gorilla Seed Bank does not offer any kind of germination guarantee, nor will they provide advice or information about germination. This is, of course, to ensure compliance with the UK’s current laws against germinating cannabis seeds. But this does mean that you won’t be able to get free replacements should you run into any germination problems, and Gorilla Seeds’ staff will be unable to troubleshoot or make suggestions relating to growing or using marijuana.

Gorilla Seeds Honest Review 2021, Reputation, Best Strains, Discounts, Promotions, Free Seeds and more!

Gorilla seed

A quick seed for the golang-gorilla stack

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Update the config variables in main.go (DB_URL, SERVER_PORT, etc.)
  • Rename the directory’s name to your app’s name. mv /path/to/gorilla-seed /path/to/my-app-name
  • Update import paths. Eg. import “path/to/gorilla-seed/models” to import “path/to/my-app-name/models”
  • Compile: go build
  • Initialize tables: ./my-app-name inittables
  • Run server : ./my-app-name
  • A developer friendly ORM – gorm
  • A user model with a basic setup of gorilla/sessions for authentication. There is no pages or handlers for user signups or login/logout. It is left for you to implement.
  • Define the route in routes.go
  • Add corresponding handler in controllers/controllers.go
  • Add the model structs in models/models.go


Seed project for a golang-gorilla powered web app.

Seed project for a golang-gorilla powered web app. – joelewis/gorilla-seed