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My Mindfulness Strain of the Month – Gorilla Dosha (June)

Part of my process for teaching cannabis-infused yoga is smoking a lot of weed and taking a lot of notes — someone has to do it! I usually write the name and strain type, where I got it from, the taste, smell, feelings that arise throughout my elevated state. I might sit quietly or do some gentle stretches, noting any effects that support each practice. Or listen to music, wash dishes, anything, just giving one thing my attention so the high can rise without mental clutter. These little introspective smoke sessions help me create a flow for my yoga classes made to fit the flower consumed before each practice, and as a side bonus I learn what type(s) of flower feel the best in my body.

Since I do this often I thought I’d share a monthly(ish?) post with a strain I am currently using to support my yoga and mindfulness practice, as well as a few reasons why. These posts are just simple insights into what I have personally experienced with a strain from one source, so they’re not meant to be taken as advice into what you will experience or should be doing. Everyone has a different chemistry, tolerance, and external circumstance that will effect the way a strain presents in them. Plus, oftentimes strain names can be arbitrary, being picked based on the flower’s high and taste, rather than the seeds it was grown from.

Gorilla Dosha, A Quick Breakdown

Gorilla Dosha is an indica-dominant hybrid blend of Gorilla Glue and Do-si-do, containing approximately 75% indica and 25% sativa. The buds are sweet/grape/fruity in taste, which made it a favorite for packing into my bowl or bong.

Gorilla Dosha & Mindful Practice

After two or three hits a soft high sweeps over the body through to the cells and the mind quietens. Overall it’s the full body relaxation I’m here for as it deepens the sensation in exploring yoga and conscious breathing, experiencing the union between body, mind and spirit — similar reasons sadhus have found cannabis useful in their meditation practice for thousands of years.

The body relaxes and creates a quiet space for the mind to follow, remain in the present moment and be still. When the mind occasionally drifts away returning back to the present is less self-scolding, more gentle.

What I love about Gorilla Dosha is that it takes on the energy I already have and enhances it. Like a mood ring that took on the personality I presented, when I was tired the flower acted as a sleep aid. When I waked and baked feeling empowered to concur the day, this flower paved a way to creativity and productivity.

Figuring out that Gorilla Dosha embodied the energy I brought to the table meant that I was extra attentive to observing my current state before consuming it – another opportunity for mindfulness where it may not have previously existed. The plant forced me to observe my current state and consume more, less, or none at all depending on what state of mind I desired.

The best yoga practice I found for myself that was also received well by my students was one with slow, deliberate poses/movements that synced with the breath.

Performing simple cat (exhale) cow (inhale) tilts while focusing on the undulating, fluid motion of the spine with the breath.

Inhaling as the arms sweep towards the sky, while also coming onto the tippy toes.

Exhaling hands down by the sides and heels to the earth at the same time.

A movement oriented yoga practice coupled with Gorilla Dosha was great for occupying the mind with the curious wonder of movement. For a more introspective and relaxing practice, restorative and yin yoga perfectly fit Gorilla Dosha. After a few puffs the body finds ease in resting into propped poses and passive yin poses, surrendering to a floaty high. Simply existing with the company of this flower becomes a tool for self-reflection and healing, and the mind is directed towards feeling comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

Gorilla Dosha’s hybrid make-up enhances both ends of the yoga spectrum, from introspective stillness to ecstatic motion, and brings the best parts of each practice to light — a wonderful reminder as to why cannabis is considered a spiritual ally to body, mind and spirit.

My Mindfulness Strain of the Month – Gorilla Dosha (June) Part of my process for teaching cannabis-infused yoga is smoking a lot of weed and taking a lot of notes — someone has to do it! I