gorilla breath strain

Gorilla Breath

Gorilla Breath is an indica dominant cross between GG4 and OGKB. The plant is prized for its pleasant earthy aroma and resin production. It produces many resinous buds and is suitable for creating extracts. The strain grows well in any growing environment, but it is recommended to spend the middle vegetative phase indoors. At the same time, Gorilla Breath is well suited for the LST method.
The aroma is earthy, sweet, with hints of vanilla. The smoke tastes like pine, diesel with hints of chocolate. This variety is characterized by a long cerebral high with a clear mind. This strain is adored by experienced smokers for its rich genetics, and it is also one of the top 10 American hybrids.


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Последние отзывы

This, always when i smoke.. Im in the perfectly non, irritating buzz.. Can be strong, but is really manageable

I really like this, :smirk:

Definetly recognizable: indica with slight buzz

This already rolled on the floor an laughed so i took her down! like the whole bush was hanging, so reconned that light wont penetrate from beneath.. And had spare time :raised_hands: Win-Win

This one i like very much!

it was a freebie but overall it works very good.

Feels like im gonna purchase this and grow it pretty soon!

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