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Top 10 Outdoor Cannabis Strains for 2021

Growing indoors is fun but there’s nothing like having a thriving outdoor garden full of massive plants covered in big buds. Anyone who has tried it before will know that growing outdoors is cheap, easy and most of all, extremely rewarding.

Not all cannabis plants grow well outside. Cannabis has been selectively bred by the indoor growing community so many times that now we have plants that have almost outgrown the outdoors. So which strains can you grow in your back garden? This article will send you in the right direction.

Glookies – Barney’s Farm

We’ll start off with this mega resistant indoor/outdoor strain from Barney’s Farm. Glookies is a delicious cross between Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that will have your crop looking irresistible. Plants produce both top quality bud and huge yields.

This bushy, indica dominant plant can rake in over 2kg per plant outdoors. As well as being highly resistant to most problematic fungus and rot, it is super easy to grow, making it a great choice for first time outdoor growers. This is not one to be missed.

Durban – Sensi Seeds

Durban is a pure sativa that originates from South Africa and has been well known for many years. The original Durban Poison is famous amongst breeders across the world for its adaptability and ease of growing in an outdoor environment, even in colder climates.

Plants grow quite short for a sativa plant, with long branching activity to host plenty of dense buds during the flowering phase. Oozing with sweet, citrusy aromas, the flowers provide a strong cerebral high that is very relaxing and creative. Perfect for a day time smoke.

Cream 47 – Sweet Seeds

Next, we have a wonderful hybrid cross between AK 47 and Sweet Seeds’ Cream Caramel. Cream 47 is a powerful indica/sativa plant that produces tasty crops both indoors and outdoors. Grown outside, this super producer can yield up to 750g of dense, resinous buds per plant.

Cream 47 is a strong plant and has a robust structure of thick branches for supporting massive growth. The weed is aromatically potent with an inviting earthy, sweet touch. This vigorous genetic is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in a reliable outdoor strain for your next grow.

Atomical Haze – Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds created Atomical Haze by combining some of the top Afghani and Indian genetics with the Original Haze. The result is a sativa dominant plant that explodes with sweet and sour, fruity flowers. Outdoor yields are rewarding to those who take good care of her, leaving you with approximately 800g per plant.

Atomical Haze needs generous amounts of sunlight and warmer climates. Its longer than average flowering times mean harvesting outdoors takes place towards the end of October. Atomical Haze might not be the easiest strain to grow but it is well worth the effort.

Super Bud – Green House Seeds

Super Bud is another indoor/outdoor indica strain that dominates if cultivated outside. This Big Bud and Skunk breed is fast flowering and will produce 1000g per plant by the end of September, depending on the region. Super Bud is easy to grow, making it perfect for first timers.

The structure of Super Bud is relatively short however branches can spread out, eventually developing nice, long buds that are covered in frosty trichomes. Flowers are sweet and fruity, with a strong, narcotic effect that leaves you feeling relaxed and calm. A great choice for relieving stress after a hard day at work.

Purple Queen – Royal Queen Seeds

Purple Queen is a pretty Kush origin lady with deep purple hues and a hint of upper class quality. This vibrant indica hybrid from Royal Queen Seeds is a real gem that can satisfy any grower with juicy harvests of up to 700g per plant when grown outdoors.

Purple Queen has inherited impressive bushy traits from its parents, meaning plants develop short, stocky branches with tight flowers that spread outwards rather than upwards. High resistance to outdoor pests and mold, this genetic can handle the outdoors with minimal problems.

Forest Dream – Dutch Passion

This sativa dominant strain is an all round dream. Forest dream is suitable for the outdoors and can also be grown in greenhouses. It grows large with plenty of branches, reaching up to 3 or 4 metres high and producing heavy yields. Buds taste smooth and sweet, delivering a potent, cerebral sativa high that is welcomingly uplifting and energetic.

Forest Dream has a relatively short flowering time due to its slight sensitivity to mold as temperatures drop. Harvesting should take place during autumn or early October for the northern hemisphere. Overall, the plant is easy to grow and recommended for those looking for decent outdoor cannabis plants.

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West Coast OG – Fast Buds

West Coast OG has won multiple awards for being a top genetic in the autoflowering community. This chunky indica can yield up to 650g of beautiful kushy flower in around 9 – 10 weeks from seed to harvest, making this another exceptional addition to your outdoor garden.

THC levels of West Coast OG come in at approximately 21%, along with strong piney, citrusy flavours that give it a classic hint of OG Kush. This plant grows compact but expands during the later stages of vegging. A very decent producer for being such a small plant.

Purple Berry Kush – Spliff Seeds

Spliff Seeds has gifted us with this juicy Kush strain that is loaded with fruity berry flavour. This potent, high yielding plant is the result of crossing Spliff’s Strawberry with OG Kush, making it perfectly resilient outdoor wonder bud.

Purple Berry Kush thrives in warmer climates and enjoys slightly heavier feeding. Its plant structure is short and bushy although outdoors plants can still reach up to 1.75m tall, yielding between 550 – 650g per plant. Flowers bloom in hues of purple through maturity, with strong aromas that range from sweet berries and lemon to classic kushy gas odors.

Thinking about which cannabis strains to grow next season? We present some of our top outdoor picks for 2021.