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Chem-4 x Tres Dawg


Chem 4 was an original seed popped after a Grateful Dead tour 1991 when two guys from Colorado networked with a fellow fan from Masachusetts. One ounce of supreme quality “Dog Bud” (the nickname given to the original plant, possibly originating in Oregon) had a handful of seeds. Of those seeds, one was Chem Dog 4. An allstar of it’s own, it was bred to Tres Dawg, a Chem Dog exclusive breeding project. By compounding desired traits in the flowers, Stardawg is remarkably dense, pungent and stoney.


Sprouting from perhaps the most influential strain in the modern cannabis market, Stardawg is the cumulation of two Chem Dawg (Chem Dog) strains, of which also spawned from exclusive Chem Dog breeding projects. The legend of Chem Dog, later named Chem Dawg by Top Dawg Seeds, is grand and since the early 90’s the strain has become a common ancestor of most strains enjoyed in the 21st century.


Stardawg has a dense, velvety texture. Large buds are common in growth and unlike other Chem Dog strains, hold together with minimal stem weight and have an original Skunk #1 appeal.


Stardawg is alarmingly potent in chemical, acidic and pine fragrances. Like it’s counterparts in the Chem Dog family, It truly smells like a dead skunk and has a very pevasive odor.


The musk lingering in the ambient aroma translates directly to flavor, where one may have a salivating or lip smacking reaction when consuming. Thus, it’s a favorite for processing into concentrates and the lineage of Chem Dog has spread to most modern day strains.


Categorized as a sativa-dominant hybrid, Stardawg has varying effects, mostly relying on personal preference as a guide. For some, Chem Dog strains, and Stardawg in particular, gives a very uplifting, motivational experience most commonly found in sativas. Conversely, some will feel a lethargic ambivalent reaction that is typically enjoyed with indicas. As a result, different shops and seed companies market Chem Dog and Stardawg as indicas or sativas. It’s a safe bet to expect a rich THC experience as it typically tests above average compared to other strains.

Stardawg is a strain of marijuana. Learn about the effects and characteristics of Stardawg, and view our collection of cannabis photography.