golden haze strain

Golden Haze (Devil’s Harvest) feminized

Golden Haze has arrived, exuding classic Haze vibes with a unique touch. When two champion strains met, they decided to create a hybrid to carry on their genetics into future generations. One can bet that future generations shall thank Devil’s Harvest Seeds for contributing the high-THC, sativa-dominant wonder that is Golden Haze.

Golden Haze (Devil’s Harvest) feminized
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Devil’s Harvest Seeds – Golden Haze: Heavenly Sativa Hybrid, Future Of Haze

Let’s step through the golden gates and discover what this strain is all about. There’s no doubt that Golden Haze received its high-class name from its ancestors. Golden Haze results from the meticulous hybridisation of Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze, which are both legendary and award-winning sativa varieties.

This 70% sativa and 30% indica strain induces happy, uplifting, and energetic highs. Going for a hike with stoner friends is an activity which can be enhanced with some Golden Haze nugs. The THC content hovers over the 20% mark; novice tokers must beware, or brace themselves. The aromas and flavours are very close to the original Haze varieties – very fruity, tropical, and deliciously dank.

Golden Haze, as the name suggests, is a tall plant. Outdoor growers can expect plants to reach up to 200cm in height. Indoor ganja gardeners must consider that in the last 2-3 weeks of flowering, Golden Haze stretches like trees in the rainforest. Therefore, SOG and ScrOG techniques can be utilised to contain this beast.

The total flowering cycle lasts about 65 days, which is super short for a Haze variety. The yields are relatively medium-sized, however, the quality of Golden Haze makes up for any deficiencies. If one wishes to grow a heavenly yet bestial Haze hybrid, Golden Haze is the Haze of choice.

Golden Haze by Devil's Harvest Seeds derives from absolutely dank and legendary varieties, which conquered the world with their cannabinoid profiles.