goji og strain review

Goji og strain review

it was ok. deff a sativa. not a mellow high at all for me. mostly head high.

Amazing high , felt more like a evening type of smoke based off the fact I felt very lazy lol , but overall amazing ?

I love Gogi OG . I have chronic headache is this is one of the few strains that really helps. Tastes great and there’s an almost instantaneous, uplifting and focused buzz. This is strong stuff, but not overwhelming if you don’t overdo it. I think the best part is that I get no dry or red eye which is the problem I run into with other strains that end up giving me a headache a few hours into the buzz. I get no couch lock and generally remain focused and relaxed throughout the entire buzz. Occasionally got a bit paranoid driving, but I probably inhaled too much. Lol. Highly recommended for anyone suffering from chronic pain like headache.

Absolutely love!! ? It is the perfect combination it is great for daytime use as well as evening use I live with chronic fatigue syndrome and Graves and hashimoto’s disease which are both thyroid diseases I also have fibromyalgia and widespread pain due to scoliosis and deteriorative disease so I live with depression anxiety and PTSD this medicine has helped tremendously gets me up and going without the anxiety and without the pain it truly does work and help I have been smoking for years and this is the best I’ve ever had. And the best part you don’t need a lot of smoke to get the full effect.

Named after the bright red Himalayan berry, the Goji OG stain is also a sativa dominant strain with 80:20 sativa/indica ratios. It is a hybrid strain created by crossing the Snow Lotus strain with the Nepali OG. This strain provides a wicked high due to its astonishingly high THC level of 22% and…