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Glookies from Barney’s Farm is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with an all-star genetic lineage. Any strain resulting from a cross between Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is destined to be a hit! This sensational hybrid delivers an abundance of pungent, resin-covered, medical-grade cannabis that makes life instantly seem brighter. A minimum high of 4 hours will take you through a journey from warm head-based euphoria to a tingly full-body buzz.

    Barney’s Farm Feminized Photoperiod Outdoor Indoor Begin your own mind trip Gorilla Glue x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies 100 cm indoors 180 cm outdoors 700 – 800 g/m² indoors 2000 – 3000 g/plant outdoors 60 – 70 days Mid October 30% Sativa / 70% Indica 25 %

Glookies Strain Info

Glookies is a feminized photoperiod cannabis strain developed by Barney’s Farm. Stemming from two infamous American varieties, Glookies gets not only a quirky name, but also a perfect combination of their effects. This is what makes Glookies a favorite among both medical and recreational users.


This strain is a cross between two legendary USA strains, Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Together, they created a strain that offers the best of each powerful parent and delivers heavy yields of large, dense, and sticky buds.


Glookies’ effects start with an incredibly cerebral head rush that can fill anyone with joy and love of life. As the session progresses, the body buzz overtakes this and relaxes every muscle in your body. This combination makes for ideal nights creating art, listening to music, or simply chatting with friends. Trust us, you’ll feel inspired!

THC And CBD level

Barney’s Farm is famous for making extremely potent strains, and Glookies is no exception. Its THC content clocks in at 25% – more than enough to stay high for many hours.

Smell And Taste

As is to be expected, Glookies has a complex nutty smell and tastes of diesel and lime thanks to its wonderfully aromatic parents. The freshness of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies really shines through as well, leading to buds with excellent visual appeal.

Flowering Time

Indoor flowering time for Glookies is 9-10 weeks, while outdoor growers can harvest at the start of October.


The easiest way to grow Glookies is indoors using a soilless hydroponic setup (70:30 coco coir/perlite) with powerful LED lighting, which really allows you to hit the upper end of the 700-800g/m 2 (2.3-2,6 oz/ft 2 ) average indoor yield for this strain. However, your returns can be improved even further by growing this strain outdoors, where growers can expect up to 3kg (6.6lb)per plant if the strain is provided with the correct growing conditions.

Grow Tips

Glookies is easy to grow and will treat you with neon green buds resting in dark olive leaves. Fiery orange pistils and crystals of resin complete the stunning look. Here’s some more information to consider when growing Glookies:

  • Be aware that Glookies reaches a final indoor height of 1m (3’3”) and a huge 1.8m (5’10”) outdoors.
  • SCRoG is recommended due to her long, flexible branches.

Glookies Seeds

Glookies is a rare blend of Original Glue and Girl Scout Cookies. Luckily, you can grow it yourself from feminized cannabis seeds available for sale at Herbies, where stealthy and speedy shipping is guaranteed!

Buy Glookies feminized strain online by Barney's Farm. High-quality marijuana seeds at great prices. Fast and discreet shipping. Guaranteed germination



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Последние отзывы

It was my first ever Coco grow, so I had some mistakes. Also it was first grow with new grow tent and new lamp. I had some problems with tent, I’ll talk about it it topics below.
Very nice germination, good root after 80h in water. 4 days after planting seed sprouted. First few weeks it was growing on average pace, and if we consider it’s heavy indica phenotype, i would it was growing pretty good. And then i fucked up. I decided to use FIM technique, and fuck I missed. It slowed down growing, and I feel like plant was notthe same after it. Cal/Mag problems appeared few days after FIM, approximately on day 30, so i raised CalMag nutrients from 1ml/l to 1.5ml/l for the rest of grow. Removed some leaves of 5th week. LST or SCROG technique is a must for this strain. Also i would recommend removing leaves.
On first week on flowering plant didn’t stretch much, but gained a lot of leaves, that i removed on 2nd week. Used SCROG to give future buds as much lights as possible, considering a LOT of leaves and not much stretch, it was not easy. Then on 3rd week of flowering, i removed SCROG, as plant stopped growing, and left only LST.
Next few weeks went great, all plant needed was nutrients and lights.
Then on about 5th week of flowering, I spotted some white powder on coco, and I don’t even do coke. It was mold(fungus).
As i think, it was caused by lack of air on the bottom of tent. I only used 1 little PC fan for intake on bottom. But it didn’t cause any problem, no signs of mold on buds or any part of the plant. As you can see on photos, I kept removing leaves until final week of harvest. It surely stressed and prevented bud growing, but I had no other choice to give grow medium some lights to control mold.
Overall this strain is growing pretty fast.
If growing in coco, use 50% more CalMag than is written in charts, very CalMag hungry.
I recommend doing LST and SCROG ASAP. From my experience with GSC, my advise is that you give more nutrients than usual, especially ones for blooming. Cookies love Phosphorus. Try to give buds a much light as you can by removing leaves, but don’t cut as much and often as I did xD
Plant grew short, just 30cm. A lot of side branches full of buds. Strong and resistant to any problems. Very smelly, your neighbors gonna love it.
Harvested on day 120, after 64 days of flowering. 18 hours of darkness. Wet weight is 398g, got 18 grams of trim. Hang in my old grow tent for 5 days. Temperature and humidity were about the same every time I checked, 22c and 50%. After 5 days of drying, I got 46g of dry buds, 10g that I gave away and smoked, gives me 56 grams of top notch indica, but let’s talk about it later.
While growing smell was strong and reminded me GSC. Sour flowers xd. Buds smell like fresh mountain air, with citrus growing on it. Smoke is not harsh, but hard on lungs, makes you cough real quick.
Hits after 5 minutes, peak is coming very late, after 30 minutes, and keeps at peak for an hour. Strong indica couchlock stone. First your eyes are getting heavy, and suddenly you want to talk a lot. You feel happy. Then couchlock comes in, and you turn to stone. But you still talk a lot. Strong body effect. Very anti-social, don’t recommend smoking it if you go out in public or have to talk to strangers. Music is great while on it. Also gaming is real fun, makes you real competitor. Makes you hungry, don’t start eating if you can’t stop.

9/10. Would be 10/10 if plant stretched better during flowering. Good strain for newbies, easy growing and very resistant. Great for indica lovers, who like to smoke alone after long day, and just chill and relax.

-slow starter
-very bushy
-definitely GSC genetics

-snow like trichomes

Last 3 problems were problem for me falling temeperature from 24 to off switch 9C they all went beautiful,purple,already great hitters and DSD33 already gives you day energy u can use to lot of nice stuff although in shitty , rainy time. I went with 5 instead 4 and i think thats a problem because i couldnt spread branches as usual so i got beautiful crowns(heads) and lot of popocorn buds under.

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