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Glass Slipper Cannabis Strain Review

You have presumably heard about the famous glass slipper from the Cinderella fairytale. The most popular version of the story says that Cinderella must leave the ball before midnight or else her carriage will turn into a pumpkin. She loses track of time and must quickly flee before she loses her disguise. As she has to leave quickly, she loses one of her glass slippers. However, the prince finds it and uses it to track her down.

It may seem odd that the Glass Slipper strain is named after a fairytale. Yet if you think about it, the best weed can transport you to an entirely new realm!

What Is the Glass Slipper Strain?

The origins of Glass Slipper strain weed are up for debate. It was possibly bred in the Netherlands before being brought to the United States. Most breeders agree that Glass Slipper is a cross of Cinderella 99 (hence the name) and Pineapple 99. However, other sources suggest it is a cross of Cinderella 99 and The White. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

It has been described as an ‘effortless’ high and is ideal for first-time growers. However, Glass Slipper is not the best option if you are a first-time user due to the intense cerebral high. If you are a casual user, we advise you to begin with a relatively small amount. You can gradually increase it as your tolerance grows.

As it is a sativa-dominant hybrid, Glass Slipper can provide you with an energy boost while also elevating your mood.

Even if you have a high tolerance for weed, using Glass Slipper sparingly is sensible. This scenario could increase your creativity for a brief spell during the onset of the high.

It is a superb social strain because users report feeling chatty and more amiable when high on Glass Slipper. Eventually, you will feel a mild body high that helps mellow you out, although you won’t succumb to couch lock. It is the perfect evening strain. Users report that the high lasts approximately two and a half hours, although this will vary according to the individual.


A lot of the aroma is down to Pineapple 99 genetics. It is akin to the dried pineapple found in a high-quality trail mix. If you get past that initial scent, you will get mango notes and perhaps the hint of freshly cut celery. All in all, Glass Slipper strain marijuana is a tropical delight.

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