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Dominant Origins & Notables

Who doesn’t love cookies? Those sugary sweet treats we all ponder over in the grocery store isles usually have us coming back for more. What if we told you that there is another even sweeter option? This one isn’t for kids despite its name, Girl Scout Cookies. If you’re an experienced cannabis smoker then you know the name or are familiar with its moniker, GSC. If you are just starting your cannabis journey then you’ll never forget your first time sampling this premium bud.

With famous parentage the likes of OG Kush and a Durban Poison F1 Hybrid, this strain took its home state of California by storm then charged right across the nation leaving a wake of happy, satiated smokers along the way. Boasting multiple awards and a Cannabis Cup win, this is a fan favorite for a reason! With consistent THC levels between 20 and 28%, it will carry you on a trip you’ll want to take again and again. Be sure to use it at the end of the day though because the indica effect will kick in in short order, having you relaxing in no time. To this day, the Girl Scout Cookies strain remains a highly sought after and a favorite amid the USA cannabis community.


“With great effort comes great reward” someone once said, and they may have been referring to hydroponic growing. Thankfully, modern hydroponic systems are a pretty simple set up that deliver great reward and so does GSC. It’s an amazing thing to watch this deep green leafed beauty reach for the sun seemingly growing out of nothing more than a bucket of water. Okay, if you want to get technical, it involves a nutrient solution more than just plain old water and special lights more than the sun, but setting up a simple hydroponic growing system can be done quite easily and inexpensively. You don’t need to buy dirt so that’s one great advantage. Try this growing method as your new marijuana growing hobby and see just how well GSC can do in your hydroponic setup.

Certainly not the type of cannabis seeds to be relegated to just one growing method, this strain also excels in a Sea of Green growing format. For those not aware of the term Sea of Green, or SOG, it refers to growing many plants in a shorter period of time versus a few plants for a longer period of time. Where you would normally grow four plants in ten-gallon pots for two to three months, you would now grow ten plants in one-gallon pots for one to two months. Using SOG allows indoor cannabis cultivators to turn out consistently high yielding plants and keep a constant stash of home grown weed at their fingertips year-round. This is a serious bonus when you’re wanting to be sure to have tons of beauty buds to blaze!

Flowering Time

The flowering time of this strain varies depending on what growing format you choose to use. The previously covered hydroponic set up can produce a crop of flower in as little as nine weeks. Growing in soil in an indoor tent can produce a crop in as little as two and a half months. GSC does do well growing au natural in the outdoor sunshine, however, you are at the mercy of the solar light cycle so timing is a little more restrictive than indoor or hydro setups.


For many people, space to safely grow your own cannabis can be a challenge. Indoor grow tents are a great lateral shift from growing outdoor cannabis. Giving you the ability to control the direct environment around your cannabis plants including temperature, humidity and lighting, they are a favorite option among many growers. GSC thrives in a SOG format and indoor tents lend very well to that method. Ready to harvest in ten short weeks, GSC will produce a hefty, crystal rich harvest and look really good doing it.


This strain tolerates growing outdoors well and if done correctly can be ready for harvest in late September to early October. Expect a large crop if you manage your plants well. Yields as large as twenty-one ounces are not unheard of with a proper amount of attention paid to your plants during their growing cycle. GSC can be a finicky outdoor plant at times, however, if you put even minimal time into feeding and grooming then she will grow well for you.

Medical Application

Girl Scout Cookies has incredible medicinal applications ranging from treating stress, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and a lack of appetite. Recently, many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders have reported that GSC has significantly reduced their symptoms and helped make their day to day lives more easily managed. You may also want to consider having multiple choices of munchie food on hand because this strain is well known to bring a hunger no one bag of chips will satisfy.

Adverse Reactions

Thankfully, GSC only produces very mild side effects. Dry mouth or the pasties are the most common adverse reactions with some users reporting mild dizziness, dry eyes and slight paranoia. As with all cannabis products, do not plan on driving or operating heavy machinery while using and GSC is certainly no exception to that rule. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the ride!


GSC is like no other and no other strain is quite like GSC. Almost immediately after you’ve taken your first toke that familiar feeling of happiness takes over leading you to a euphoric, relaxed and calm state of mind. Once settled into that calm this sweet green flower will fill you with a sense of creativity that may have you wanting to break out the drawing pencils or paint brush to let your inner artist out to express itself. Follow this up with some serious relaxation as the indica kicks in, and you’re sure to love the well-rounded effects this strain offers.


The aroma in the immediate area is reminiscent of a walk by a bakery on a Sunday morning. Filling your olfactory senses with a rich nutty vanilla flavor similar to a designer coffee laced with nutmeg and allspice. The earthy pungent smell commonly associated with cannabis is light and not overpowering, however, your neighbors may come knocking for some baked goods.


Think sugar cookies with a nutmeg, peppery twist. This smoke from this beautiful strain fills your mouth like a multi layered latte made by the world’s best barista. Some smokers speak of a sweet cherry, lemony mint flavor and other smokers report a vanilla spice like flavor. Try it out for yourself and form your own opinion but be prepared to want more because no matter what flavors you taste they are sure to have your taste buds soaring.

Similar Strains

Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds became one of the most highly desired marijuana seed since its introduction to the cannabis community. Its potency and smokability gave rise to many different varieties and hybrids of the original parent plant. Fans of GSC will love growing and smoking many of these off shoots. First and foremost we like to mention the great capabilities of the autoflowering Auto Girl Scout Cookies fem

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer, Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Head Bandand Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies fem cover the spectrum of sativa-indica blends favored by smokers wanting a different takes on the original strain. Each will also offer unique tastes and aromas to broaden your scope of cannabis appreciation.

Crosses with pure indica strains gave birth to indica dominant hybrids like Girl Scout Cookies x Kush Fem. Quickly gaining in popularity is the lesser known cross of Bubba Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. Packing all the happy, hungry buzz of its parent but with a body buzz twist that doesn’t knock you out.

GSC has proven to be a very durable plant that takes well to cross breeding while still retaining its original characteristics. A winning situation for any taste, this strain and its descendants will curl up in your lap like a cat and always leave you wanting more.

Nick Names

With a name like Girl Scout Cookies the strain was destined to encounter a few raised eyebrows and some push back regarding its given name in relation to the actual food product and who sells it. This is the reason the strain is much more commonly referred to as GSC. Other funky monikers include Berner Cookies or Berner’s Cookies, named after the original California breeder of the strain, rapper and cannabis heavyweight Berner. He developed the strain within a cannabis growing collective known as “The Cookie Fam” and once it was introduced to fellow musician Wiz Khalifa, it took off and became one of the most popular strains of all time.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about where to buy Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds online, now has never been a better time. At I49 seed bank we want you to succeed in your new venture. I49 was founded with the belief that exceptional customer care can be combined with the cannabis seed industry’s leading seed germination guarantee. If that doesn’t inspire confidence in our weed seeds then please read up on the hundreds of happy customer reviews and success stories. We’re quick too, and our plain, discrete packaging often arrives in your mailbox within days of your order. Summer has arrived and so has the growing season; we have the Girl Scout Cookie seeds you’re looking for and the commitment to show up for our growers, from planting to harvesting.