ghost of lee roy strain

Ghost of lee roy strain

Ghost Of Lee Roy Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
THC: 29%

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I am a pretty much a Indica leaning person. Prefer 80/20 Smoke mostly to treat insomnia, then depression and pain. Although this strain does very well for me in all those aspects, it has too much Sativa to get me a deep nights sleep like Blue Cheese does. It is a powerhouse like the strain information says but the effects are short lived also. Similar to Larry OG. It is perfect for all of the above and great for you recreational users that goes to concerts!

Ghost of Lee Roy is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (65% indica/35% sativa) created through crossing the classic Ghost OG X Lee Roy strains. This potent powerhouse of a bud packs well-balanced effects that smash into both mind and body thanks to a super high 28% average THC level. You'll f…