Germinating Weed Seeds In Distilled Water

MJ Seeds Canada can guarantee you a 80% germination rate if you follow the “Cup of Water and Paper Towel Seeds Germination Method“. Looking to buy marijuana seeds in West Point Ohio? Check out our exclusive selection and stock up now. Wondering what kind of water would be best for germinating cannibis seeds. Bottled ? Distilled ? Spring ? Rain ? Purified ? Tap(aireated to remove chlorine…

Cup of Water and Paper Towel Marijuana Seeds Germination Method

MJ Seeds Canada can guarantee you a 80% germination rate if you follow the “ Cup of Water and Paper Towel Seeds Germination Method “.

Many of our customers have 100% success rate with the method. However, the result may vary just like any other natural products out there.

Before you get started, you need the following:

– a glass of distilled water
– 1 plate
– paper towel
– tweezers
– pill bottle

– Always use distilled water. Do not use tap water because it has many impurities that won’t do well with your seeds.

– Make sure that you germinate the seeds inside a closed room with a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Germination Procedure

– Drop your seeds into a glass or cup of distilled water. Sink them to the bottom by using your finger tips. Soak them for 15 to 18 hours. Do not over soak because too much water can kill them.

– It’s normal that some seeds don’t soak right after you drop them in the water. Leave them floating a few hours to allow water to penetrate the shell . After a few hours, come back to it and use your finger tips to carefully push them down.

– Check them every now and then to make sure that they are soaked in the bottom.

NOTE: This process will let the water or moist penetrate the shell which will trigger it to crack and germinate. The process is complete when you see the shell cracks and a tiny root appears.

– Fold a thick paper towel which is free from perfumes and dyes and position it on top of the plate.

– Pour the seeds and the water content in the cup of water into the paper towel. Make sure that the seeds have enough space in between. Fold the paper towel to cover the seeds.

– Leave it in a warm, dark room area and let it set until they open. Check it every 5 to 12 hours to make sure that they are kept moistened. Use a water spray to keep them wet.

– Do not give up as seeds may take up to 7 days to germinate. Each strains differ.

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– Do not use any type of plastic bag or any other method not included in this guide as it will void the 95% germination guarantee on our seeds.

– Once you see new taproot which is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch then the germination is complete. Now is the time for you to transfer your newly germinated sprouts into dirt or rock wool cubes with the taproot facing down.

Reminder: Most cannabis seeds germinate within 1 to 2 days while others may take up to 7 days. This happens depending on how thick their shells are. Each strain differs in their characteristics including the thickness of their shells. Please be patient.

Here are some of the reasons why they fail to germinate:

1. They won’t germinate if you let the seeds to sit on the cup of water for too long.

2. You let the paper towel to become too dry or too wet.

3. They are exposed to extreme temperature.

4. You used tap water instead of distilled water.

Last Resort

If your seeds fail to germinate, then you can try this as a last resort. Drop them back to the cup of water and wait until you see them crack and show the taproots. Sometimes, the shell are too thick for moist to penetrate. Once you see the taproots, transfer them into the paper towel.

We always test our seeds for germination because we want to make sure that all our customers will only receive cannabis seeds with high germination rate. If you follow the germination method above, then we can guarantee you with at least 80% success rate.

We won’t honor the germination guarantee if:

1. You planted them direct to soil.

2. You did not follow our germination method and used other methods like soil, rockwool and kits.

Your success is of great importance to us that’s why we would like to hear from you if you have germination guarantee issues. You may contact us via phone, chat and email any time

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Germinating Marijuana Seeds In Distilled Water

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What water do you use to germinate .

Wondering what kind of water would be best for germinating cannibis seeds. Bottled ? Distilled ? Spring ? Rain ? Purified ? Tap(aireated to remove chlorine, ect..) .
I made sure to buy paper towells that had no chemicals or inks.
Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.


i use water from my faucet for every aspect of my plants. but i am on a flow well. no chlorine or bleach in my water. just minerals, and lots of sulpher (smells like eggs). good, natural, groundwater

Well-Known Member

I don’t soak or use paper towels and I have a nearly 100% germ rate within 3 or 4 days.

16 oz plastic cup, poke holes in bottom for drainage
Pro Mix (B’Cuzz, anything PH adjusted without nutes)
Distilled water
Glad Cling Wrap

1. Mix your medium with distilled water until it’s ready for planting – squeeze some lightly in your hand, it should retain its shape and the contours of your hand but not drip any water.

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2. Fill the cup, covering the top and shaking up and down to get the medium compacted evenly. Fill to 1″ below top, pat down GENTLY.

3. Using the pen tip make a small hole in the center of the cup about 3/16″ deep.

4. Take the seed to good light and determine which end is scalloped (will open) and which end has the little dimple where it was attached to the plant (the hing). Place the seed gently in the top of the hole with the scallop side down, remove the refill from the pen and use the open end to fit over the seed and push down so it’s dimpled end is 1 millimeter below the surface. Use the tip of the pen to gently rough up the medium top and lightly cover the seed with 1 mm of medium.

5. Sprinkle 3 – 5 tablespoons of distilled water on top of the medium, soaking the entire surface.

6. Tear off a strip of cling wrap wide enough to cover the cup, tear the strip in two and use one half strip per cup. The good cling wrap will hug the lip of the cup and give you a great seal.

7. Put the cup in your flower room, if possible high enough to get direct light. This will give you a steaming effect, the inside of the cling wrap will become opaque with water vapor. The 12/12 cycle seems to help the seed split, I’ve found much better luck with this than 24 hours constant heat – perhaps because the heating and cooling in 12/12 closer mimics a natural enviroment.

8. Check the cup atleast 3 times a day – lights on/off/in middle – if the seed pops the surface and you don’t remove the cling wrap the stem stays bent for a few days. Filling the cup with medium to 1″ below the surface gives you some playing room, and space to add more medium if the stem needs support.

9. If the plant pops the surface and you have a white stem without the leaves you planted the seed upside down and you are looking at the root tip. If you catch it early enough you may be able to replant before the root dies.

10. Remember to label your cups.

Long winded and unasked for, but if anyone is having trouble with germinating this is a near idiot proof method.