g13 strain

G13 strain

Dang the skunky smell is apparant, but combined with the sweet earthy, and a bit spicy I get that orange aroma more than the berry aroma, like the Orange bud smell was quit catchy, and it was quit the same, but with more pugency, even in the taste, a lovely tangerine/orange taste, that can be quit harsh. Btw it smells loud asf, I was getting anxious in the public transport because of the loud ass smell. The packaging is well closed and it barely doesn’t change anything. Anyway, it gave me a serious couch lock, even with a high tolerance. It helps a lot with chronic pain and depression, everything become more clear, and it gives you nice visuals distortion, a bit pshychedelic. I’d say this is also very great to listen to music and chill, until you fall asleep ofc haha, damn I’m sedated asf

How come all of a sudden NOBODY knows or even acknowledges that even just 4-5 yrs ago sites like Leafly & other ones too ALL MATCHED & HAD G13’S EXACT lineage & now all the sites just say “mysterious unknown lineage”. I used to remember what ALL THE SITES SAID the lineage was but they musta been full of shit or sumthn but it did make sense as to how the effects come on & it matched the taste, smell,& the way these plants grew too. Im about 96% sure I remember it had Hash Plant & then an Afghani Indica landrace crossed to make it but thats all I can remember about what ppl used to say the lineage was.

Just tried some for the first time. Wow, the description is right on. I started off with one pipe full, and felt quite at ease and relaxed. Just as the description says, it turns into couch lock soon after. I use MMJ for pain control, and this one seems pretty efficient so far. Nice high!

G13, also known as “G-13” or “Government Indica Strain 1,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain with unknown parentage. This bud is rumored to have been created by the US Government during the 60's and 70's when they were experimenting with growing native Afghani weed stra…