g13 seeds

G13 seeds

What happens when you mix the legendary G13 with our favourite Hawaiian Sativa? You get a plant with an extraordinary density of flower and resin production. The G13 Haze offer healthy yields with a high THC level. The intense aromas and flavours of fruit and spice lead to powerful, cerebral effects, and make the smoke worth savouring. This plant grows medium short and compact for a Sativa dominant strain, and is perfect for SOG and ScrOG gardens.

Type: Feminised
Photoperiod: Normal
Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
Genetics: G13 x Hawaiian
Effect: Powerful cerebral effects
Indoor Yield (g): 550 gr/m²
Flowering Time (days): 65 – 70
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: October
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 2nd-3rd week
CBD %: 1.2%
CBD/THC Ratio: 2.4 : 44
THC %: 22%
Height (cm): 100/110cm
Height Indoor (cm): 110cm
Indica %: 20%
Sativa %: 80%
Medical: No
Taste/Aroma: Intense aromas and flavours of fruit and spice

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1st for Overall at High Times Cannabis Cup 2007

2nd for Overall at High Times Cannabis Cup 2006

<p> What happens when you mix the legendary G13 with our favourite Hawaiian Sativa? You get a plant with an extraordinary density of flower and resin production. The G13 Haze offer healthy yields with a high THC level. The intense aromas and flavours of f

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Dominant Origins & Notables

More than just a winning number on a bingo card, Auto G13 Fem strain is a prize onto itself. Mystery abounds regarding this strain’s origins and the information may actually be classified. It seems the most consistently discussed theory is that the USA government was operating a secret lab at the University of Mississippi during the 1960’s or 70’s. The tale goes on further to suggest that a rogue and heroic lab technician made off with some cannabis seeds or cuttings of an experimental variety. The seeds were then passed to cultivators in the cannabis community and the strain exploded in popularity from there. It even became popular enough to be included in the story of the multiple Academy Award winning film American Beauty. There is no irrefutable proof of the theory, however, given the knowledge we have of government agencies and the experiments they have conducted with narcotics the theory becomes much more plausible. The strain is now commonly available in many different varieties including Auto G13 Fem strain seeds parented by G13 and an unknown ruderalis strain. One of those varieties, G13 Haze, has collected multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards.


Easy is the best way to describe growing Auto G13. It does particularly well both outdoors and indoors. Its ruderalis genetics installed a significant tolerance to weather and heat fluctuations allowing growers to relax a little and just let the magic happen. Regular water and good quality organic fertilizer will give the plant all she needs to be healthy on the inside. Maintaining airflow through the plant by trimming large fan leaves and dense inner foliage will keep mold or mildew at bay. The autoflower component will handle the lighting conditions for you. At peak height the plant will reach about three to four feet high and spreads laterally so not much space is required to successfully grow the strain.

Flowering Time

If eleven short weeks sounds like a reasonable time to patiently wait for top secret marijuana seeds to flower, then G13 is a strain worth consideration. It is certainly worth the wait when you harvest the bright fluffy green buds coated in surgery crystals. A treat for the eyes to behold and a top-secret origin to inject a little mystery into the experience.


Home cannabis cultivators can have great success with Auto G13. It’s as easy as it gets. Just water, feed and trim to keep your plant in tip top shape. No need for complex and expensive lighting automation. A simple four hundred watt high intensity sodium discharge light is all it needs to photosynthesize. At harvest time, growers can expect yields in excess of one pound. The sea of green method works well to produce even larger yields. Sea of Green refers to the resemblance to ocean waves the top canopy of the plants takes on. By packing as many small pots into a tight space as possible, growers can dramatically increase their total yield. A four by four indoor tent can accommodate as many as twelve one gallon pots of Auto G13 Fem strain. With yields of one pound per plant the math is easy and one thing is for certain, the sea of green method produces handsomely.


An outdoor superstar is what Auto G13 is as it grows exceptionally well in nearly every environment. It is also tolerant of heat and cooler temperatures, wind and other conditions mother nature may throw at it. Southern cultivators can take advantage of that natural durability and plant it outdoors almost immediately after the first frost for a harvest in May then plant again for an October harvest. Northern climates may only see one outdoor harvest per year, but that harvest can be huge with proper care of the plant. The lateral branches produce quite a bit of flower so trimming them to guarantee light exposure is a good idea. Good quality soil, Ph balanced water and organic fertilizer will give your plants all they need to thrive. Harvest in early to mid October with a yield in excess of one hundred grams per square meter of plants.

Medical Application

Auto G13 has many medical uses and is great for the end of the day to soothe away the day’s built up anxiety, stress and depression. The analgesic effects help dissipate body aches and pains, headaches, cramps and even PMS. If you’re suffering the devastating effects of insomnia, then G13 can help. Its significant tranquilizing properties will put you to bed for a restful night’s sleep. People dealing with a lack of appetite can rely on G13 to stimulate hunger and ease the symptoms of nausea.

Adverse Reactions

There is no doubt as to the potency of the strain. Inexperienced smokers can experience an increased paranoia, anxiety, headache or dizziness. All of which can be avoided with measured intake.


From the first hit of the joint, smokers feel a happy sense of euphoria wrapping around them like a warming blanket. Tension drops away and is replaced with a smile. As the high progresses the body begins to feel heavy and you’ll want for the couch. Hunger comes next so have some snacks readily available to avoid getting up from the couch. The high lasts for a while and gently finishes with a heavy eyelid sensation leading you to a blissful night’s sleep.


Whoever coined the term skunk in regards to cannabis was spot on when smelling the wafts of smoke rising from a bowl of G13. The skunkiness is followed by a pungent earthy aroma that imparts essences of sweet wild berries.


The flavor of G13 is very familiar to many smokers. The woody, pine like flavor completely dominates the taste buds until exhalation when smokers detect traces of sour fruit and hints of mint.

Similar Strains

Hindu Kush is a classic unto itself. An original Afghan landrace that has been crossbred with hundreds of strains and continues to be to this day. True to being a pure indica, Hindu Kush produces a strong sense of well being and euphoria. It can also knock out the most seasoned smokers with one too many puffs. Flavors of pine and earth combine with aromas of spice and sandalwood.

Purple Haze Fem was created by crossing Purple Thai and Old Timers Haze. What a sativa dominant combo it turned out to be too! Giving smokers a literal feeling of euphoric bliss and incredible flavors of sweet and spicy berries and grapes, fruity, spicy aromas compliment the flavor well. Short flowering times and rich yields make this a very desirable strain to grow at home.

Tropicana Cookies Purple takes purple to the next level. The foliage transforms to hues of purple and deep green when the temperatures drop at night. Being sativa dominant, the strain produces a clear headed, energetic buzz that wells up creative feelings and a strong sense of happy euphoria. Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie parented this hybrid and imparted incredible flavors of oranges and cookie dough. The aroma is just as incredible with scents of sugar and spice mixed with pine.

Tangie x Chocolope Fem is another sativa dominant hybrid that delivers a big, happy euphoric feeling that puts smiles on faces and makes everything funny. This strain can wipe out stress and negativity in just a couple tokes. Chocolate and tangerine flavors will make you want another hit, then another. Aromas include chocolate, spice and earthy lemons fill the room and last just long enough to create an impression. Although it is not the strongest strain, with a THC content averaging around eighteen percent, it is one of the more popular strains in the cannabis community.

G13 Fem brings it back full circle to the mother of our topic strain. This non-auto version of the strain does require a seasonal shift in lighting to flower, but it is a massive producer. In ideal conditions, well cared for plants can yield as much as two and a half pounds. Super relaxing but highly uplifting with pine and mint flavors and a skunky sweet berry aroma.

Nick Names

G13’s given name has worked its way into popular urban cannabis culture more so than earning any nicknames. “Have any G13?” can be commonly heard in dispensaries and street corners. Interestingly enough, the full name of G13 is actually recognized as Government Indica Strain 1.

Final Thoughts

Mysterious origins of being developed in a secret government lab, a very high THC content, great flavor and big yields sums up this strain. When put it that way it might make you think about where to buy Auto G13 Fem strain seeds online. We have good news for you then, I49 online cannabis seed bank is the true one stop shop for the finest quality marijuana seeds you will find anywhere. Our dedicated pool of seed breeders strives everyday to produce weed seeds with the purest genetics and strain characteristics and then back everyone of them up with the industry’s most trusted germination guarantee. Our customer care team is about the friendliest you’ll meet this side of the rainbow too. I49 seed bank loves home grown weed and we look forward to joining you in your cannabis journey.

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