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Fruity Pebbles Strain Review – Everything you need to know and more!

Fruity Pebbles OG (or FPOG) is an absolutely classic example of a dankenstein strain. That is to say, it’s a strain that takes two or more dank strains and crosses them together to make one hell of a dank monster. If you’re looking for a super dank strain, then you should definitely check out Fruity Pebbles OG. It has bright green weed leaves, although some phenotypes are covered in purple and red, which contrast against the orange hairs that cover this strain.

This strain is sometimes called Fruity Pebbles Cookies, Fruity Pebbles OG, Fruity Pebbles weed, Fruity Pebbles Kush, Fruity Pebble OG, Fruity Kush, and Fruity Pebbles dro.

Stackin’ up those Fruity Pebbles, photo: @hightimez_family.ent

Fruity Pebbles: Indica or Sativa?

Fruity Pebbles genetics

All three of these strains are dank as hell. There is one variety of this strain that was created by Alien Genetics, and seed packs were selling for as much as $1500 each. It’s also very hard to grow this strain, so you will be paying a lot for the privilege of smoking this truly boutique strain.

Fruity Pebbles THC percentage

Fruity Pebbles weed price

Which flavors are in the Fruity Pebbles strain?

For the best experience, we recommend getting your trusty flower vaporiser out, though. That is because there’s no combustion, and, as such, you can enjoy this strain’s flavor to its maximum potential.

Fruity Pebbles edibles, oil, wax, shatter, etc.

Concentrates are considered to be the strongest marijuana in the world. That is because the THC found inside a wax is far more concentrated than if you smoke bud alone.

You can make any strain you like into concentrates. However, making Butane Hash Oil is considered to be dangerous, so please exercise extreme caution when doing so. Strains are picked for potency and flavor, both of which Fruity Pebbles has plenty of. This strain is difficult to grow though, so it may not be the best choice unless you’re buying the flower from elsewhere.

Fruity Pebbles also makes great edibles. That is because of its potency and its balanced almost 50/50 nature. You can make edibles in one of two ways. Firstly, you can use an already vaped bud (AVB) that is leftover from your vaporizer. Mix it with an oil or fat and you’re good to go. The other method is to take a fresh flower and decarboxylate it in the oven. This unlocks the full potency of cannabis. After this, simply mix it with a fat or oil, and you have a cannabis-infused base to create edibles.

Weed Strain Chart


Marijuana cereal

Were your dreams also answered when you heard that Marijuana cereal exists? If you can mix it with THC (hint: most things can be mixed with THC), then you’ve got a great treat! In the case of Marijuana cereal, it’s simply cereal mixed with THC. This tasty meal is designed for those who want to take their wake and bake to the next level. One example of a company that makes marijuana cereal is WOW edibles.

What kind of weed strains make you laugh?

Sativas are most commonly associated with euphoria, and therefore with giddiness and laughter. It’s hard to say exactly which cannabis strains make people laugh, as it’s really dependent on the user. Your best bet is either a Sativa or a Sativa-dominant hybrid. While FPOG isn’t a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s nearly 50/50 split does enable some users to experience giddiness after lighting up.

How many nearly perfect 50/50 hybrid strains do you come across? You're lucky if you do, and even luckier if it happens to be Fruity Pebbles! This slightly indica-dominant hybrid is a favorite for those looking to curb depression, as its blend will leave tokers in a euphoric and happy state.