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Dutch Delight

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Skunk No.1

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Large reserve of high quality strains

Flying Dutchmen is a Dutch seed bank endorsed by the well-known strains in its collection. They have all sorts of strains in their catalogue, such as pure indica or sativa, ideal for outdoors growing, in both cold and warm climates. Whatever characteristics you are looking for in a marijuana plant, you’ll surely find the ideal strain for you.

Feminized Strains Catalog from Flying Dutchmen

You’ll find strains such as Voyager, a 50% hybrid that tends to lean towards a more sativa structure. This cannabis is mentally stimulating, providing fleeting ideas and uncontrollable laughter. However, sometimes it can give the opposite effect and be very mentally relaxing, clouding your ideas, making it ideal to fight stress. Both phenotypes differ in their flowering times: the early blooming plants are the relaxing ones while the ones with longer blooming times give a stimulating effect. In both cases, this weed has a spicy, strong and sweet taste, which is very pleasant to smoke. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Indoors, we will be able to select some genotypes and keep them as mother plants in order to know which are the early and the late bloomers. Outdoors, some will be ready in September and others in October, resulting in plants that can yield up to 1kg of weight.

Power Skunk is a strain for those that love Skunk plants, as it still tastes like skunk even after being crossed with a Power Plant and a NL in order to increase yields. Plants grow into a strong structure, with an abundant flowering period and a large amount of resin making it perfect for making quality extracts. This strain behaves very well indoors, as it does not grow very wide which makes it possible to place up to 9 units per m2. It flowers very fast, so you can get enormous. quality yields in record times. Outdoors, we will get plants that do well in unfortunate climates, and by using minimal preventive measures your plants will grow splendidly. It has the characteristic muddy taste of Skunk which, along with a dense smoke, will make it one of the most powerful and satisfying highs for the old-school smoker.

White Widow is a resinous beast. A classic since it first appeared, this variety has been a hit among growers and smokers all over the world. It produces strong and wide plants, able to support their heavy weight. Their buds are dense and sticky like chewing-gum and take a long time to dry out. It grows well indoors and outdoors, and adapts effortlessly to hot and warm climates. It is ideal for indoor grows thanks to its short and large height. You’ll get a flavorful weed, and the amount of resin will multiply its dense flavor. When smoking it, it feels like sweet hash with a citric aftertaste. Its relaxing effect will relieve stress and allow your body to rest deeply.

Strains to select and conserve

At Flying Dutchmen you will find strains for all tastes, you only have to decide which one suits you best. You can read our reviews for guidance. Choose the taste you like and a strain suitable to your climate and you won’t be disappointed.

Flying Dutchmen is a Dutch seed bank that offers genetics for all tastes. Strains with flavors, effects or blooming times that suit all kind of needs.