florida marijuana growing laws

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana in Florida?

The cultivation of marijuana plants and owning, leasing or operating a grow house is illegal in Florida. This is regardless of whether you were growing the plants for commercial or personal purposes. Furthermore, being involved with the cultivation of marijuana on any level is a felony offense and carries heavy sanctions under the law. The charges you may face will depend on the amount of marijuana being grown and the location of the grow house.

Tactics Used By Law Enforcement

The state of Florida expends an enormous amount of money and resources to seek out marijuana growing operations. Law enforcement often relies on information gathered from confidential informants. These informants could be relatives, friends or just a neighbor who suspects you are growing the plant illegally. Additional tactics include:

  • Stake-outs
  • Wire-tapping your phone
  • Looking at your financial records
  • Using undercover officers
  • Once law enforcement feels that they have enough information, they will then seek a warrant to search your property.

Preparing Your Defense

As former prosecutors, we know that law enforcement must follow set guidelines while conducting an investigation. We use that knowledge to examine every aspect of your case and determine whether your Fourth Amendment rights were violated. This includes questioning the officers involved and looking at the evidence used to obtain the search warrant. Other defenses we can present in regards to Fourth Amendment violations include:

  • Controlled substances not in plain view
  • Coercive “knock and talk”
  • Implementation of unlawful police tactics leading to “search”
  • Defective warrant
  • Absence of exigent circumstances
  • Exceeding the scope of search authorized by the warrant
  • Invalid consent to search
  • Overly broad protective sweep
  • Absence of warrant
  • Exceeding the scope of a consensual search
  • Miranda violations
  • Outdated information used to get obtain the warrant
  • … and many more

We then prepare an aggressive defense strategy that reflects the goals you have for your case as well as aiming at the best possible solution for your situation. As seasoned drug defense lawyers , we are not afraid to defend your rights in a court of law if we feel that it is in your best interests to do so.

Experienced Trial Lawyers Available Any Time

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Marijuana cultivation laws in Florida have become more complex with the changes to medicinal use. However, growing cannabis in Florida without a license can result is serious penalties.