flo marijuana strain

Flo marijuana strain

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My fiance had it years ago and talks about it often. But no idea where to find it, yet. (Suggestions?) Really want to have this one back in our house!

Works well with anxiety, anxiety neurosis and depression. It is by far, the best med for my ailments.

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This is a lovely strain. This was one of the first I tried as a novice, needing MMJ to replace NSAIDs that were destroying my GI tract. I made cannabutter with this strain, it doesn’t have a “head high” as such – but it’s very uplifting generally. It’s gentle. I don’t get the “hotspots under my skull” feeling like I get with some more indica-dominant strains. I use this primarily for autoimmune arthritis. I have found it useful in combating Seasonal Affective Disorder also. It doesn’t yield a creative boost but it’s REALLY good for focus. Like clean the whole house focus. Of note: One drawback I found with this strain, is that it has a tendency to give one some weed chills. If you are using this strain, & have Raynaud’s or similar situation where you are prone to getting cold digits, even indoors, shoot for a lower dose than recommended to start with, and pay attention to how you’re feeling. For me, the chills generally hit within minutes of the “mood lift” kicking in – this is consuming as an edible, not smoke. In all, excellent beginner strain for anyone looking for inflammation control &/or gentle mood enhancement but still needs to focus on the task at hand. Bundle up if you’re prone to weed chills. Caffeine will enhance the negative effects of this strain, so go canny if you’re making it into weed sugar for tea/coffee.

Flo is the distinctive variation of a hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This has been rated #1 in the 'Cannabis Cup' of the year 1996. This strain was created by crossing Purple Thai with Afghani Indica. This medical marijuana strain got its nickname for its remarkable ability to harvest numero…