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Face Off OG Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

When a marijuana strain is given its name, there is usually a specific reason why any particular name is chosen.

The marijuana OG family, for example, is so named because of its unique position as one of the granddaddies of all marijuana strains in the USA; thus it is called the OG, or the original gangster.

However, within that family is a variety of other strains that fall under the same genetics, many of them bearing the OG name, each with subtle differences that make them unique in their flavor and effects.

The Face Off OG strain is one of these offshoots of the OG family line. This indica-dominant hybrid is a potent combination of intense psychoactive highs with a surprisingly powerful headrush that makes this strain feel like your face has been blasted away from you at top speed.

Let’s take a look at this uniquely potent OG strain and figure out just what it is that makes your face melt away after smoking it.

What is the Face Off OG Strain?

The Face Off OG strain is an indica-leaning hybrid originally developed by Archive Seeds, designed to further the line of the OG family and come up with something even more potent than its forebears.

Most of the time when you get to try a member of the OG marijuana family, you can expect the same sort of thing – a flavor similar to the original OG Kush, as well as a suitably indica-dominant, relaxing and couch-locked high.

Well, Face Off OG’s high is just a little bit different from all the rest.

On taking your very first puff of Face Off OG, you can expect an intense tingling sensation that will move itself in waves across your entire body. This is pretty standard for potent indicas, so for those that have never tried Face Off OG before, you might start thinking that this is a pretty standard indica.

However, the high will then deepen in intensity, setting inside your mind and inducing a surprisingly sudden crash of confusion combined with an intense desire to sit down and relax.

Before you even know what is happening to you, you will find yourself laying down on the nearest comfortable spot, experiencing what can only be described as complete and total laziness.

If you had any plans or desires to do anything other than sit back (or lie back, more likely), then you will need to make sure you call up and cancel them before you become totally insensible.

As is typical with strong indicas, the wave of soporific sleepiness will set in quickly after the first high, only with Face Off OG it seems to quickly creep up and make you sleepy before you even realize you were yawning in the first place.

Expect to find yourself drifting off to sleep very quickly after taking this strain, though not before you get to enjoy the complete feeling of relaxation and the intense sensation of your face tingling endlessly.

Although it is called Face Off OG, your face won’t actually completely fall off – just tingle constantly, like it is being gently shocked on loop for hours and hours. Some find this off-putting, but many more actually enjoy it, as it is rather soothing once you get used to it.

Now that we know what the effects of the Face Off OG are like, just what kind of aroma and flavor does it have? Does it have anything more interesting than its intense high?


The Face Off OG marijuana strain has a pretty regular aroma for the OG family – at once both earthy and a little bit oaky, smelling like a forest floor just after a gentle rain.

The initial smell is immediately recognizable as being a part of the OG family, but it is when you break the buds open properly that the true smell begins to reveal itself.

Hints of sweetness, of nutmeg and of dank earth creep through behind the initial earthy and woody smell, lending it an almost dessert-like smell that makes it seem almost like a sativa in the aroma.

What about its flavor, though? Is it just the same as its aroma?


When it comes to the exact flavor of most marijuana strains, it is usually quite difficult to be objective, as taste is such a subjective sensation that no two people will experience the same flavors.

However, the Face Off OG is pretty ordinary in flavor, so much so that anyone first smoking it would likely be able to tell it belongs to the OG family immediately.

There is earth, softwood and a little bit of that familiar dankness that the OG family is so famous for, as well as underlying hints of sweetness that the aroma foretold. Other than that though, there isn’t really a lot of uniquely distinctive flavors belonging to the Face Off OG strain.

What about its appearance?


The buds of the Face Off OG strain are pretty typical in shape and immediate appearance, though they are also covered in a variety of different trichomes and small hairs, colored both red and white, which provide an interesting color contrast with the intensity of the green of the bud itself.

This plant tends to grow quite tall, with an overall green appearance throughout the plant.

If you want to experience the appearance of this strain truly, you really need to try and grow some yourself. So, what kind of tips and tricks do you need to know before you grow some Face Off OG yourself?

Face Off OG Strain Grow Info

The primary problem with trying to grow some Face Off OG strain seeds is that there aren’t any actual seeds available.

Face Off OG is a cloned strain, which means it is grown using cuttings from other Face Off OG plants, which are surprisingly difficult to come by in the market.

If you want to try and grow some Face Off OG yourself, you need to find a friendly grower who already has some Face Off OG ready and is willing to create some cuttings for you.

If you do manage to get some cuttings, it isn’t an especially difficult plant to grow, though it does have a few idiosyncrasies – for starters, it needs to have a very steady temperature and relative humidity, as it can tend to fail if it is subjected to any kind of intense temperature shifts.

You can safely grow it either indoors or outdoors, but just make sure that you keep it trimmed and propped up very well regardless of where you grow it, as this strain has a bit of a tendency to fall over onto itself if it is not kept under control.

Once you have got your Face Off OG harvested, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect in your final yield?

THC Content – Highest Test

Face Off OG cannabis is an indica-leaning hybrid, which means it can be safely expected to have a high THC concentration.

Fittingly, Face Off OG has a THC content of about 20%, which is in the upper levels of most hybrids. This makes a lot of sense when you consider the significant, almost instantaneous effects of the Face Off OG strain, as it requires a lot of THC to cause such mesmerizing, potent effects.

What about its CBD content, however? Is there any actual CBD to speak of?

CBD Content – Highest Test

With a high THC concentration must necessarily also come a very low CBD content, and nowhere is this more true than with Face Off OG.

Due to the fact that it is a specially selected and developed strain, designed to cause as much potency and significant effects as possible, there is little to no trace of CBD whatsoever within the Face Off OG strain.

However, despite the complete lack of any kind of CBD, there are still a variety of useful medical effects of the Face Off OG strain.

Medical Benefits of the Face Off OG Strain

As with any strain that induces a potent combination of both relaxation and intense tiredness, Face Off OG is a great strain to use when you are struggling from stress or depression.

As this strain induces that insensible state of relaxation, you will find that all of your problems fade away and simply don’t have the level of significance they did before. This is also why this strain is great for treating anxiety, as it helps to suppress those anxious thoughts that can so easily take over your mindset.

Thanks to its ability to leave you tingly all over while still relaxed, Face Off OG is also great for helping deal with pain, as your body will be so focused on dealing with the pain elsewhere in your body that it doesn’t really focus on any of the long-term pains you might be suffering from.

Finally, as might be expected from a strain that induces intense couch lock and a massive desire to fall asleep wherever there is even the slightest bit of comfortability, Face Off OG is great for those with insomnia.

It is worth remembering, however, that the intensity of this strain is so great that you should really only be taking it for insomnia if you are absolutely incapable of falling asleep.

Unlike other strains that simply make it easier to fall asleep, this strain will actively knock you out and send you into a deep slumber, so don’t take this if you have any sort of plans for the rest of the day.

Possible Side Effects of the Face Off OG Strain

Besides the intense desire to fall asleep and the tingling that coats your face and entire body, this strain does have a few actual side effects that are worth considering before you take your first puff.

As ever, dry mouth and dry eyes will pay you a visit, so keep water on hand to help combat this uncomfortable but frequently suffered side effect.

Alongside those almost familiar side effects, you might also experience an increase in anxious thoughts, as well as elements of paranoia. This will only really happen if you already struggle with these emotions, especially if you smoke a lot of Face Off OG at once. So, as long as you don’t take too much at any one time, you should be fine.

Additionally, some users report incidences of dizziness, but almost all of them occur after smoking more Face Off OG than they should have to begin with – if you are at all susceptible to anxiety or paranoia or dizziness, make sure to only smoke a little bit at a time.

Final Thoughts on the Face Off OG Strain

Face Off OG is a strain that definitely deserves its OG classification – with the distinctive flavor and aroma of most of the OG phenotypes, Face Off OG is another great iteration in a long line of enjoyable strains.

The key difference, however, is the sheer power and potency that Face Off OG has in store for you.

While other strains take a little while to take effect, or have their effects spread out over several hours, Face Off OG will hit you hard and fast, striking you like a freight train and knocking you full force onto the nearest comfortable surface, soon to fall asleep and be left with unending tingles all over your face.

If you are looking for a potent strain with the capacity to not only soothe and relax you but also to completely knock you out, make sure you give the Face Off OG strain a try – just make sure that you don’t have anything else that you plan to do for the rest of the day.

Everything you need to know about Face Off OG cannabis strain including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.