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Exotic Seeds presents here Zkittalizious, a very productive, tasty and powerful feminised variety designed to delight the most demanding palates. This variety is now available at

Zkittalicious, a hybrid between Zkittlez and Blue Monkey

It is a cross between Zkittlez and Blue Monkey [(Gorilla Glue #4 x (Black Domina X Blueberry)], looking for a hybrid with an even richer and complex flavour and a drastic demolishing effect.

This genetic lines combination, 70/30 Indica Sativa, produces an easy to cultivate and resistant plant. It develops a compact and shrub-like Indica structure.

It matures after about 9 weeks of flowering, covered in tight colas of buds with a yield up to 550g per m2 cultivated indoors, and exceeding 700g per plant cultivated outdoors in the open ground.

Zkittalicious, a tropical and sweet fruity aroma, with lemon and wood hints

Zkittalicious produces highly compact and heavy flowers with a conical appearance and totally sprinkled with shiny trichoma resin.

It has a very intense and balanced aroma, combining sweet tropical fruit, noble woods and citric sour nuances, surprising even the most experienced consumers. This aroma is greatly intensified when inhaled in a cannabis vaporiser.

It delivers a very strong psychoactive effect due to the THC high levels, mixing an intense body relaxation and a powerful mental euphoria. It is ideal for both recreational and therapeutic use.

A hybrid between Zkittlez and Blue Monkey, with a complex, fruity and citrus aroma and a devastating, relaxing and euphoric effect.