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5 rarest Minecraft End Portal seeds

Every Minecraft world is supposed to have an End Portal.

In order to slay the Ender Dragon and beat the game, Minecraft players need to activate and use an End Portal to get to the End. These precious portals can typically be found in the portal room of a stronghold, but the stronghold itself can be in a variety of different locations.

What makes this collection of seeds unique is that there are sometimes two different End Portals, a strange generation with another structure, or a multitude of eyes of ender already in the portal.

This article will showcase five of the rarest End Portal seeds that can be found in Minecraft.

5 of the most unique End Portal seeds that players can find in Minecraft

#5 Two Portals underneath One Village

In this Minecraft seed, players can find two separate End Portals underneath the same village.

Players who take the time to explore this village will also stumble on some other goodies. However, nothing is as impressive as the two unique End Portals waiting to be discovered in the depths below the village.

Portal #1 Cords: -1145, 25, 1097

Portal #2 Cords: -1116, 13, 984

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 2002194135

#4 Portal with a Dungeon

In this Minecraft seed, players are treated to a bit of a nasty surprise when they find the End Portal. Right next to the portal and the End Portal is a dungeon room with a spider spawner. These spiders will be hostile, so players should tread with caution when they journey to this End Portal.

Players who are already prepared to journey through the portal and face the Ender Dragon shouldn’t find these spiders to be too much of a threat. A few whacks with a good sword should be all that is needed to clear out the hostile mobs. The spawner itself will need to be addressed, and players can either break it or disable it.

Cords: 156, 30, 999

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -1094247492

#3 Drowned & Broken Portal

In this Minecraft seed, the decision-making algorithm had a difficult time choosing whether to generate in an Ocean Monument or a Stronghold at this location. Instead of choosing one over the other, the game spawned in both mixed together.

Not only is this a peculiar generation, but it completely shattered the End Portal. Players will have a hard time actually using the Portal for its primary function, but there is beauty in admiring how broken this generation is.

Cords: 4712, 44, -1484

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 978066121

#2 All 12 Eyes of Ender in the Portal

This seed contains one of the rarest possible generations in all of Minecraft: an activated End Portal with all 12 eyes of ender already placed. YouTuber ibxtoycat explains in the video above that this seed had about a one in a trillion probability of happening.

This might be a great seed for players who are looking to get into speedrunning. Since the portal is already activated, players will have fewer tasks to complete in order to beat the game. There is no need to worry about bad luck with piglin trades or blaze rod drops with this Minecraft seed.

Cords: 451, 23, -2266

Platform: Java

Seed: 95148563599334434

#1 Double Portals

In this Minecraft seed, players can find two unique End Portals that are both within each other’s line of sight.

This is an incredibly rare generation that is worth admiring. Too bad there aren’t two different Ender Dragons on the other side of these portals that players would have to fight at the same time. Now that would be exceedingly broken and extremely challenging.

Cords: 1925, 39, -873

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -1787696665

An End Portal in Minecraft can typically be found in the portal room of a stronghold. In these Minecraft seeds, there are sometimes two End Portals next to each other or another rare type of generation.