el alquimista strain

EL Alquimista

El Alquimista (The Alchemist) from the Seed Bank Samsara Seeds is a cannabis hybrid, crossing of two world famous marijuana strains, award winner in the Cannabis World as they are the known Northern Lights and Ak-47. The obtained result is composed of 70% Indica and a 30% Sativa genetics.

Samasara emphasises this plant as the easiest to grow of their Seed Bank, of has a vigorous growth from the beginning, creating a branched plant structure. Its leaves are medium-sized and dark green, memory of the Indica genetics transmitted by the Northern Lights marijuana.

Its ease growing is reflected in the high resistance to all kinds of pests either bugs or fungi. It has a high tolerance to irrigation and its short flowering period of 7 weeks make of it an ideal plant for beginners in the world of growing cannabis for personal use.

During the flowering period of is beautiful and attractive lady we’ll find a marijuana plant that will create a large, long bunches of buds.

The main tip stands out over the remaining secondary bud from in form of a long fox tail. Its flowers are covered with a thick resin layer which has THC levels of 21% giving to the grower a powerful narcotic effect that has a high medicinal value.

El Alquimista is an excellent producer of delicious buds which releases a floral aroma mixed with light sugared undertones.

It is a very productive plant, obtaining an indoor yield of 440 g/m2 and a yield of 700 gr per plant growing it outdoors.

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