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What’s some good early finishing strains

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The 7-8 weeks, and 47 days described above only apply when grown under artificial lights.

When growing outdoors, typically finishing times are described by calendar DATE.

Most strains finish in early October, with some trailing a little later. Much later than that, and you’re subject to frost damage or rot from cool-weather rain.

Anything finishing in mid-Sept or earlier would be an “early” strain.

Anyway, I’ve never grown anything “early” outside, but there are a number of strains you could look at for this purpose. The indica-dominant strains tend to finish early, for example, and anything with “early” in its name is probably a good choice.

If seasonal growing isn’t your thing, take a look at autoflowers. Those will finish roughly ten weeks after you plant the seeds, no matter when you do so, and that could be a great choice for outdoor growing.


The 7-8 weeks, and 47 days described above only apply when grown under artificial lights.

When growing outdoors, typically finishing times are described by calendar DATE.

Most strains finish in early October, with some trailing a little later. Much later than that, and you’re subject to frost damage or rot from cool-weather rain.

Anything finishing in mid-Sept or earlier would be an “early” strain.

Anyway, I’ve never grown anything “early” outside, but there are a number of strains you could look at for this purpose. The indica-dominant strains tend to finish early, for example, and anything with “early” in its name is probably a good choice.

If seasonal growing isn’t your thing, take a look at autoflowers. Those will finish roughly ten weeks after you plant the seeds, no matter when you do so, and that could be a great choice for outdoor growing.

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jack’s cleaner 2 & sweet haze are my two favorite strains so far, and both finish in just 9 weeks! both are trippy with JC2 maybe being moreso and touchy feely while sweet haze is above average and very fruity.

i want to see if sannie’s jack f7 is even better as it’s considered one of the best bred jack herers in the world. his killing fields and TGA’s jack the ripper are supposed to be the real deal on the trippy front too.

i was surprised by CH9’s compact fat leaved jack which made huge seeds. it wasn’t skunky and not too stony, but nice and potent. it was overshadowed by JC2 & sweet haze which had trippier buzzes and a fruitier flavor (SH embarrassed a lot of competition for fruity hazes in my room) but looked like a really nice cash cropping sea of green plant as well as a breeder that stomps afghani for shrinking IBLs. i really want to test their jack 33 as it’s supposed to be laugh your ass off euphoric, and want to see how critical jack & the third dimension compare next as they seem promising too.

for indicas, sour cream is crazy delicious and sexy smelling. it’s just on the stony side of mids with euphoria, but functional. it walks all over similar buzzing blueberry & skunk #1 as far as i’m concerned as it’s fruity cream cheese flavor is very authentic and delicious. i hope the cross i made with a cindy apollo male has a more active buzz and retains the flavor.

DNA’s lemon skunk also impressed me like EVERYTHING i’ve tried so far as it’s not as stony as skunk #1, had a really nice happy mildly motivational buzz, a slight lemongrass flavor and a nice golden glow that suited it. i think that’s a 9 week strain too.

apollo 11 & C99 are 55 days of less strains. i’d go for A11 before his mom as cindy is too racy & clear headed for anything but activities. it’s a great buzz, but a more neutral & trippy buzz like apollo is supposed to have is funner. you can’t enjoy movies & music on strains that are too racy. i haven’t tried mosca’s cindy. it’s supposed to have some trippy & stony phenos and it too finishes around 8 weeks.

some of the better quality strains take 10-12 weeks maybe, but many of them yield up to 750 grams where the cash cropping max for faster flowering strains used to be about 400-450g. good things come to those who wait. for their weight.

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what finishes quickly indoors may not finish as quickly outdoors.

my indoor champs are GDP and black domina, both around 45 days or so. my outdoor champ is a random strain i was given, unsure of genetics.

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I am growing a single Sensi Super Skunk plant and it looks like it will be finishing here in the next few weeks. Most of the reviews I’ve read, which are many since it is a classic, tried and true strain, have it finishing by the end of Sept. (first 3 pics)

Lost Coast OG looks like it will be finishing in a few weeks too and looks like it is going to be a pretty big yeilder. (last 3)

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The only way mid-summer hits 12-12 is if you happen to live exactly at the equator. If you do, by all means do NOT look for an early-finishing strain, but instead grow one of the excellent super-long flowering equatorial sativas that are hard to grow outdoors anywhere else!

Everywhere else on the planet, outdoors, 12-12 light/dark occurs at the autumnal equinox, Sept 21st (and vernal equinox, March 21st). With normal outdoor growing in most of the continental USA, by the time the light naturally gets to 12-12 outdoors, not only have most photoperiod plants been flowering for roughly two months already, but many strains are fully mature and ready to harvest. The truly “early” strains will have ALREADY been harvested BEFORE the days get to 12-12!

In fact, most cannabis plants grown outdoors in the continental USA will actually start to flower around the end of July, when there are about 14 hours of daylight.

There are VERY few strains that actually “need” 12 hours of uninterupted darkness to flower; most will start to flower with only 10 hours of darkness, and a few super early strains can start to flower with as little as 9 or even 8 hours (eg the “Iranian Autoflower” or Guerilla Gold 3). The ruderalis-based autflowering strains aren’t photosensitive, so they can flower outdoors during ANY time of year, so long as the plants themselves are at least a few weeks old and sexually mature.

Other than their genetics, the single biggest factor affecting the calendar date when plants put outside will finish is actually the LATITUDE, because its the latitude that controls how many hours per day of sunlight you see.

The closer you get to the equator, the closer EVERY day (all year long) is to 12-12. The closer to get to either pole, the LONGER the summer days, and the shorter the winter days.

If you go up to Alaska, for example, you don’t get “down” to 14 daylight-hour days until September. Unfortunately, the days get shorter so fast up North, that by the end of October just 8 weeks later, you’re already down to only 8 daylight-hour days.

Anyway, getting back to the original question, pure indica strains (including master kush) tend to be fast finishers, and most of these will be done at or before mid-September outdoors.

Again, autoflower strains will be done roughly 10 weeks after you plant the seeds, making them ideal for outdoor growing. Not only can you have plants ready for harvest in June (if you start them indoors and put them outside in early April), but you can stagger planting new plants all spring, and have continuous harvests all summer through fall, if you like.

I live in the Northeast and would like some recomendations for some early strains due to mother nature being unpredictable. I want quality more then…

Grow the Fastest-Finishing, Highest-Quality Marijuana Strains

One of our recent articles talked about the fact that there’s no safe, guaranteed way to make your marijuana plants finish bloom phase faster than their genetics program them to do and still get maximum harvest weight and potency.

We revealed that some products sold in grow stores that claim to be bloom phase accelerators, bud hardeners, bud bulkers and vertical height limiters contain dangerous chemicals including plant growth regulators. Others contain only toxic overdoses of phosphorus and potassium. These products don’t work, harm your plants, and are a waste of money.

If you want fast marijuana crops, you need to buy fast marijuana strains, and this article gives you insider information on the fastest marijuana strains we’re sure will produce heavy harvests of potent buds.

Here are the most reliable, true-breeding, consistent, potent and heavy-yielding cannabis strains out of the hundreds we’ve grown:

Biddy Early by Serious Seeds: This strain is almost like a photoperiod autoflowering strain, because it starts developing pre-flowers very early, especially if you’re growing outdoors.

Simon, the founder of Serious Seeds, says the strain was developed in collaboration with Magus Genetics as a primarily outdoor strain that would be hardy enough and finish fast enough to generate great results in Holland’s short summer season. Serious Seeds is one of the original Dutch cannabis seeds companies, famous for AK-47, Bubblegum and other High Times Cannabis Cup winners.

Biddy Early is great outdoors in cool rainy climates, especially because it resists gray mold. It’s also a top performer indoors, but you want to run your grow room a little cooler than usual and only give your plants 2-4 weeks from seed in grow phase before flipping the lights to trigger bloom phase, but I emphasize that your plants have to have at least a moderately-developed root system and at least five sets of true leaves before you put them into bloom phase.

This strain includes pure Afghan Skunk genetics, and it smells like it. Because Thai, Colombian and Mexican Sativa genetics have been added in, it often grows out as only one Sativa phenotype producing a high and bud structure more Sativa than Afghani or Indica. A second, less-prevalent pheno leans more Indica, but still provides a stimulating rather than couchlock high.

Outdoors, Biddy Early often finishes before October. Indoors it needs 50-60 days in bloom phase. This strain is easy to grow, relatively short in stature, and useful for beginner growers.

Sour 60, from New420Guy Seeds: This autoflowering strain combines Lowryder x Master Kush x Blueberry x Sour Bubble to give you an auto-flowering hybrid ready for harvest 60-70 days after germination.

This strain loves 20 hours of light per day and grows well indoors or outdoors, as long as it gets enough direct light. No need for topping or training. The strain offers two phenotypes. One produces a huge main cola and few side branches. The other goes blue-purple and produces a dense plant full of main colas.

Sunset Sherbet, from New420Guy Seeds is a photoperiod hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, which is said to be derived from Blackberry Kush. Although the genetic mix is heavy on Indica, you still get Sativa effects.

Sunset Sherbet gives you large, fat, colorful buds and a strong scent with notes of orange, skunk, and berries. The strain has a creeper high, so wait a little longer than usual before inhaling more, as you can easily end up paralyzed on your couch if you use too much.

Bloom phase duration is 56-61 days.

The same breeder also offers photoperiod Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, which is a unique cross between a Sour Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Phenotype variations affect the dessert taste of this strain, ranging from sour and citrus to sweet vanilla.

You only need 56-63 days in bloom phase to get very potent, fat buds with THC levels as high as 25%, and a high that tends towards sedation more than stimulation. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or chronic pain, this strain’s for you.

Auto Blackberry Kush, from Dutch Passion: Dutch Passion is one of few legendary Dutch cannabis seeds companies still producing great new strains and maintaining the quality and reliability of its heritage strains. Their founder helped pioneer the development of autoflowering marijuana.

Auto Blackberry Kush is an Indica-dominant combination of heritage Blueberry and Hashplant. It grows out into short, stocky, resilient plants with a huge main cola, fruity-Kushy odor, and a heavy Indica high. We’ve harvested 62 days after germination, but some phenotypes need 70-80 days from germination to harvest—still very fast. The photo for this article shows you how high-yielding Auto Blackberry Kush can be, and here’s a cool video…

Dutch Passion offers a photoperiod strain that has an incredibly fast bloom phase. Its Bubba Island Kush feminized seeds come from crossing Granddaddy Purple with OG Kush. You get hardy plants that produce extremely resinous buds and deep-hued bluish-purple leaves. The buds are so resinous that this strain is a favorite of growers who make dry sift, bubblehash, shatter and other cannabis extracts.

Bloom phase can be as short as 48 days, but the average bloom phase duration is 50-57 days, making this one of the fastest high-yielding, high-THC photoperiod strains ever.

Dr. Acula, from Nerds Genetics: You’ve probably never heard of this American cannabis seeds company, but it’s much better than most of the ones you have heard of!

Their Dr. Acula is a complex photoperiod strain that produces fat buds that have equivalent amounts of THC and CBD. Genetic influences include Harlequin, Chem Dawg, Sour Diesel, and Colombian Gold. Bloom phase is 48-58 days.

Although Dr. Acula is high-CBD and a great medicine, it’s also recreational. The high is surprisingly pleasing and strong, and yields of berry-sour buds are heavy. The strain is especially resilient and can handle outdoor and indoor growing conditions.

Lemongrass, from Humboldt Seed Company: We’ve written before about Humboldt Seed Company, a highly-respected cannabis seeds breeding family business from Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle. HSC is known for its passionate, extensive phenotype hunts involving tens of thousands of plants, and its insistence on releasing only the best cannabis strains.

We’ve grown their photoperiod Lemongrass for several years and it has many rare qualities. Some phenotypes lean purple and are ready after only 50-55 days in bloom phase. Others are greener and more Sativa, and can take as long as 55-64 days in bloom phase.

Both phenotypes produce stunningly tasty, aromatic and stony buds with a rare combination high that can’t be described as either Indica or Sativa. Lemongrass has a deep genetic heritage including Lemon Kush, Humboldt Gelato, Lemon Haze, Skunk #1, Durban and Girl Scout Cookies.

If you look at its genetic heritage and assume it has an amazing lemony flavor and scent, you’re right.

The high from both phenotypes is extremely pleasant, balancing body effects with mental stimulation to produce a lovely euphoria with no hint of narcotic sedation or Sativa paranoia.

Lemongrass is very resilient, easy to grow, and moderately-high yielding.

Another of our favorite Humboldt Seed Company fast strains is photoperiod Dream Queen, with some phenotypes finishing after only 45-50 days in bloom phase. The strain combines Green Crack, Skunk #1, and a pure Afghani, but you don’t get an overwhelmingly sedative Indica high as you’d expect from a fast-finishing strain. Instead, the high is surprisingly stimulating, with a significant body stone.

These plants can get huge, considering how fast they finish, and the buds have a wonderful pine and orange smell and taste that hits you as soon as you open your storage container.

Please don’t confuse Humboldt Seed Company for Humboldt Seed Organization. Humboldt Seed Organization is a scam cannabis seeds company.

Think Fast, from Dutch Passion, is one of few commercially-available photoperiod marijuana strains produced by crossing an autoflowering marijuana plant with a photoperiod marijuana plant. Dutch Passion crossed their autoflowering Think Different strain with their famous, Cannabis Cup winner Power Plant photoperiod strain to produce Think Fast.

Dutch Passion told us that this unique cross was initially intended only as a breeding experiment, but Dutch Passion researchers discovered that the strain was extremely fast finishing, had no autoflowering traits, flowers early even before 12-12 bloom phase lighting, and gives you huge yields of potent buds in a 55-61 day bloom phase.

Even more surprising is that this strain is Sativa-dominant, making it one of the fastest-finishing, reliable photoperiod Sativa strains we’ve ever seen.

Pineapple Express #2, from G13 Labs: People argue about whether Pineapple Express marijuana was created before the hilarious Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride stoner movie of the same name. In the movie, the strain is portrayed a Sativa that produces hilariously stimulating highs.

G13’s version of Pineapple Express contains Trainwreck, Hawaiian, and Skunk #1 genetics. It can grow into a very large plant with high yields of Sativa-dominant light-green buds with the scent of pineapples, lemons and pepper. It’s easy to grow, and needs only 47-58 days in bloom phase.

The high isn’t as paranoid and hallucinatory as what you see in the Pineapple Express movie, but Pineapple Express #2 cannabis does produce a sweet, strong, stimulating high that you’ll love, and is great for parties.

Please refer to our previous article about attempting to accelerate bloom phase, and give these fast-finishing strains a try if you’re looking for rapid crop cycles that produce heavy harvests of high-potency marijuana.

Here are the highest-quality, fastest-finishing autoflowering and photoperiod marijuana strains you can grow.