eagle scout strain

Eagle Scout Cookies

Flavor Profile

Eagle Scout Cookies has an extremely exotic smell of raw cookie dough, ice cream and butter. Nutty, with hints of licorice, cherries, watermelon-bubblegum and Og Kush. Truly one of the most pleasant smelling cannabis flowers anywhere in the world. It tastes exactly like it smells. Smooth and expansive on the inhale, complex taste and powerful effects on the exhale. Immediate effects in the head and body that mellows into a happy and social “buzzed drunk” experience.

Oral History

Eagle Scout Cookies is a very rare, clone only strain, that is cultivated especially for the high end top shelf market. This strain was inbred and stabilized genetically originally in 2011 by Ashbury Farms breeder “Sully” and his dad, and has been kept in clone form since then. It has a relatively low yield and late finish (last week October). It makes up for it’s lack of commercial-grow-ability with its unique smell, taste, and effects. It also has unique growth patterns and unique trichomes that are short and uniform (military style) formation with exceptionally large heads. Not only the best quality “cookies” genotype, but truly one of the best quality cannabis flowers in the world.

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