dutch haze strain

Dutch haze strain

Dutch Haze Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 19% – 27%

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Dutch Haze from Falcanna is so smooth and high. Very crisp and cool.

Got 2 oz, really helps me focus and feel strongly aroused, each puff taste like orange citrus while having a nice strongly pine smell with the haze burning into my ears, To me, this stuff is one of the kinds of focus and helping your body to move while feeling calm about everything, I would buy this for best creative uplifted happy mood ! A*+

Picked up some Craft Elixir brand “100% Pure Whole Plant Hash Oil” vape cartridge. THC 80.3%, THCV 0.3% CBD 3.5%, CBC 1.1% CBG 1.1% CBN 0.4%. The high is great, starts in the head, euphoric and tingly, spreads through the body, warmth, relaxation, euphoria . It gives me this taste in my mouth, which tells me my brain loves it. Great day time bake, wake n bake, any time bake. Medicinally very good for chronic anxiety, depression, nerve pain in foot, nausea, appetite loss. For me, it is a wonderful smoke. Recreational uses best for parties, movies with friends, outdoors, but works perfect alone, indoors, with a movie or music. Another perfect hybrid, the reason hybrids exist, best of both worlds. And not all hybrids are perfect. This one is.

Dutch Haze, also known as “Dutch Treat Haze,” is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Dutch Treat Haze X Secret Haze strains. With an insanely high THC level that tops out at about 27% and a myriad of full-body effects, Dutch Haze is one t…