dumpster strain

Dumpster strain

The Master OG i had was by A To B Gardens & contained 22% THC. Hard, forest green buds with brown pistils & clear crystal trichomes. The smell & taste was mostly an earthy pine. This Kush was best at making me happy & relaxed but, also made me uplifted (at first) & sleepy (at last). Happiest Of Sedation’s To You!

This Kush strain was 70% Indica & contained 18% THC. Pine, lemon, citrus, & earthy were the tastes & smells. Dense, forest green buds with fire brown pistils & small crystal trichomes was the appearance. Effects were not overwhelming & made me happy, relaxed, calm, & sleepy. Strain is masterfully done! Protect the Harvest.

Hate to burst all your bubbles but it’s time. There was no pill head or anyone else who created Trash can wasbthe Original name. It was the Buckeye Kid who created the cross in 1982. It was not done before that. If you want to know the real story contact the guy at Panther Genetics he is about 55 years old and was the Buckeye Kid.

Everything I can find says this is a cross of northern lights and g13.

Dumpster (I’m not sure who decided to add OG to the name) is a cross of Northern Lights 1 (a pure Afghan indica) and a local Ohio strain called Meigs County Gold (developed in the 60’s). There is no Kush crossed into it at all. I don’t know where a previous poster got his info from but the owner of Elevator, Dick Stevens, is very much alive, well and a real pain in the ass. Dumpster has been around since the late 80’s, a decade or so before Elevator Brewery or the restaurant opened. The creator of Dumpster passed away and all of his plants were thrown into the trash (Dumpster was originally called Trash Can) and were rescued by a neighbor (no seeds were recovered). The plants were cultivated and clones were given out to a small circle of friends and eventually became more widespread with the highest concentration in central Ohio.

Dumpster OG is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain with unknown genetics and a moderate THC level that has not been lab tested, but is likely between 21-27% based on user reviews. The origins of this strain are somewhat of an urban legend: it is said that it was discovered af…