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Dr Underground

Dr. Underground is a Spanish seed company which was first established in 2008. They specialize in feminized seeds which produce wonderfully flavorful and effective strains for many different uses. Each seed will produce incredible high-quality buds with copious amounts of resin – known specifically for their flavor, effects and medicinal benefits. People from all around the world are queueing up to purchase and consume these quality-enriched strains.

    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod Medium High
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod Mix
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod 500 – 700 g/m² indoors Up to 1000 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod Medium 450 – 600 g/m² indoors 600 – 800 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod 600 – 800 g/m² indoors 1000 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod 700 – 900 g/m² indoors Up to 1000 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod 500 – 700 g/m² indoors 800 – 1000 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Underground Feminized Photoperiod Medium 600 – 1000 g/m² indoors Up to 1200 g/plant outdoors
    Dr Underground Feminized Autoflowering

Dr. Underground – A Company With Quality Feminized Seeds

The Spanish seedbank produces a large number of feminized seeds which are typically known for their sweet, seductive flavors. A prime example of this is Melon Gum, which possesses this rich, vibrant taste. This particular strain comes with dense and hard buds, can be grown in multiple environments and prefers warm/mild climates. This makes it the perfect well-rounded strain which is guaranteed to give you hard, resinous buds in a fairly short amount of time. You can expect this from most of the strains – producing fruity, complex flavors that will give you incredible amounts of thick, resin-rich buds from every batch you plant. The company also offers highly medicinal strains which contain a copious amount of CBD – such as the strain Pain Killer. This is useful for treating common ailments and issues as an alternative to standard medication. The strain is commonly used for issues such as back pain, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, as well as inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. This is because the chemical composition of CBD has been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory component, thus CBD is commonly used for these types of issues around the world. If you’re looking for quality feminized seeds, look no further than Dr. Underground, the home for quality feminine strains.

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Dr Underground

Dr. Underground’s marijuana range contains such popular cannabis seeds as Brooklyn Mango (known for its strong mango fragrance and powerful structure of rock-hard buds), King Kong (known for its resin and speed of production), Crystal Meth (known for its recreational use and psychedelic high), Melon Gum (known for its large size and lavendar/melon flavours), and Painkiller (known for its medicinal uses including increasing appetite and reducing nausea).

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