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Dr. Greenthumb Seed Bank Reviews in 2021

Are you looking for a cannabis seed bank, that guarantees 100% disease-free seeds? Then, go through this Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews post and know it yourself!

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds are the old school preference for every grower or marijuana cultivation enthusiast.

This seed bank is all-inclusive of huge strain collection, unique strains, germination guarantee, excellent shipping service, customer care, and many other features.

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews

In this Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews post, you will witness various sections like high reputation, germination guarantee, all about shipping, payment modes, seed quality, and other extra features.

‘’ is a highly authentic and genuine seed bank review site offering valuable insights into the best seed banks around the globe.

Our experts from the consistently buy new cannabis seeds and experiment with them.

After thorough research, the team floats seed bank reviews to guide the readers and growers of cannabis.

So, let us get ahead and start with this interesting Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews post.

The precise history of the seed bank

Dr. Greenthumb is one of the best Canadian seed banks in the marketplace. It originated as early as 1996 in Canada, and since then, it is ruling the charts in the market.

The inventory of Dr. Greenthumb is stocked up with various seeds and strains.

The specialty of seeds from this seed bank is they are certified disease-free 100%.

Moreover, the seed bank boasts of as long as 25 years, which is entirely credible on its own.

This seed bank works on the mission of ‘Growing and breeding best cannabis.’

The stature of the seed bank

Many factors sum up to create a high stature of the seed bank.

A few of them to mention are Seed Quality, Buyer ratings, experience, Goodwill, and Trust.

We will describe each one of them, respectively.

Seed quality is the most crucial factor and a foundation for inviting the ultimate yields for your grow space.

Remember the mantra, ‘Better the seed quality, better the harvest!’

Let us proceed to the next factor ‘Buyers ratings!’

Buyer ratings are highly influential. The ratings profoundly impact and influence all future buyers in making their buying decisions.

People usually tend to prefer those products or websites that have high buyer ratings.

Hence buyer ratings hold higher importance in increasing seed bank reputation.

The next factor in the list is experience.

Dr. Greenthumb is a treasure house of 25 years of long and valuable experience .

These 25 years have given the seed bank everything like numerous experiences, wisdom, growth, efforts, and consistency.

This experience increases seed bank reputation.

Therefore, all the factors above create trust, loyalty, and goodwill towards Dr. Greenthumb seeds.

What do they sell?

The inventory of Dr. Greenthumb is stocked up with numerous seeds and strains.

The USP of seeds from this seed bank is they are certified disease-free from various bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

It has core flower types like regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto flower seeds.

Additionally, it also has special strains and new arrivals section.

Germination Guarantee

Dr. Greenthumb offers a significant Germination Guarantee.

If in case your seeds do not germinate, the seed bank resends you your order again.

That is appreciated!

Stealth Packaging

All standard seed banks follow the ‘Stealth Packaging.’

As all are aware of the fact, marijuana legalization is still a matter of concern in many regions.

Therefore, the seedbanks imbibe the practice of ‘Stealth Packaging.’

Here the seeds are concealed in random objects like T-shirts, CD and birthday cards.

This practice guarantees security, privacy, and safety.

It also saves the parcel from confiscating authority.

Thus, Stealth Packaging is a perfect practice followed by the seed bank.

Shipping Guarantee

Dr. Greenthumb seed bank ensures a shipping guarantee. If in case the order misses the delivery, then the seed bank guarantees to ship again, and that too free of cost.

All about Shipping

This seed bank ships to all locations internationally.

The seed bank tries the best to ship within 24 hours.

The regular shipping is free, but you can also track your parcel for $30 if you live in Canada.

Thus, shipping is a significant service by Dr. Greenthumb seed bank.

Is Dr. Greenthumb seed bank safe?

Dr. Greenthumb is undoubtedly a safe seed bank. Many factors contribute in making it safe.

Germination guarantee, Shipping guarantee, Tracking, SSL certificate integration, and Buyer ratings are major contributing factors to make it safe.

Germination and shipping guarantee is already discussed in the top sections.

Thirdly, we have a tracking facility. Dr. Greenthumb seed bank offers parcel tracking, especially in the Canada section.

Next, we have many SSL certificates. On integrating SSL certificate on the website, it encrypts essential details related to financial transactions.

Finally, Buyers’ ratings increase your trust in the seed bank and make this seed bank safe.

Seed Quality

Dr. Greenthumb offers super high-quality seeds. These seeds promise top-notch yields.

Each seed is inspected manually by expert breeders. After that, each seed undergoes strict tests and ensure quality assurance.

That is a great feat!


Dr. Greenthumb has ten seeds per pack as standard unless specified.

A slight minus point of this seed bank is, it does not provide many freebies and its order system.

Payment Mode

The ordering system of this seed bank is via mail, unlike the regular online system.

The payments are accepted via money orders, bank drafts, and cheques. Note that Credit cards are not allowed.

Overall, old school payment methods are still followed by this seed bank.

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: Medical Benefits

Medicinal and Therapeutic purposes were the main reason why marijuana cultivation was legalized in different parts of the world.

Below are some of the most prominent medicinal benefits offered by Dr. Greenthumb seeds:-

  • Insomnia
  • Lupus
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic muscle pain
  • Bring Calming nerve effect
  • Bring Relaxing nerve effect
  • Reduce the effects of Chemotherapy
  • Cure conditions of mental depression

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: Seeds at Glance

Dr. Greenthumb seeds have the core flower types like feminized seeds, regular seeds, and auto flower seeds.

This seed bank also hosts other sections like new arrivals in strains, most popular strains, and self-made strains.

It has numerous strains like Freedom 35, big laughing, Blue dream, Bubba cheese, Bubba OG, Gold mine, G13, Girl Scout cookies, Jazz, Iranian gaze, and many others.

Dr. Greenthumb also features new arrivals like Carnage, Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon Pie Thai, Panama Red, Ultimate hash plant, Turkish cookies, and Wi-Fi OG.

The ‘Niagara’ strain from this seed bank is well known all across the coffee shops in Holland.

This strain is making miracles throughout the globe.

The ‘Endless Sky’ also lists among one of the most popular strains from this seed bank.

The ample strains demonstrates the 25 years long experience of Dr. Greenthumb seed bank.

These strains make you believe in the germination guarantee that comes with this seed bank.

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: Yields at glance

As a buyer, what factors impact or influence you to buy the product. Is it the need, the benefit provided by the product, or the exceptional results delivered by the outcome?

I feel once the buyer is demonstrated with the exceptional yields, his/her chances of buying the product increase.

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: Yields

So, concerning the above interpretation, here we present to you the quintessential yields of Dr. Greenthumb seeds.

Exemplary and highly impressive!

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: Germination Guide

Our team at ‘’ believes in helping the growers and readers in the best possible way. Therefore we have brought this Germination guide for you. I hope you benefit from this the most.

Dr. Greenthumb is one of those trustworthy seed banks, which offers a significant guarantee of germination for all its seeds and strains.

But, you would have to follow the germination steps mentioned here to the T if you wish the germination guarantee to be honored.

Steps for Germination via paper towel method:-

1. Buy the cannabis seeds for your grow space from Dr. Greenthumb seed bank.

2. Brim up the glass full using water(spring or distilled).

3. Pour the seeds in the glass of water for 12-14 hours.

4. After step 3, you have to transfer the seeds to a moist paper towel.

5. One crucial point that you need to understand is, three factors are essential for proper germination of seeds. They are the right amount of warmth, darkness, and moisture.

6. You have to maintain the equilibrium of all the factors above near your grow space.

7. Post the seeds are transferred in the paper towel method, you have to soak them up in Jiffy Peat Pellets(a growing medium).

8. Jiffy Peat Pellets are one of the easiest ways to germinate the seeds. The pallets are made up of sphagnum peat from specially selected bogs.

They also consist of lime and a special fertilizer with low ammonium content. Maintain pellets ph value as 5.3.

Undoubtedly, they are the best medium to start seeds indoors!

More to Germination tips

9. Place the pellets in ph balanced water, and then when they have cracked open, take them out and allow them to drain off.

10. Post that, put every single seed per pellet in the dark for 1-2 days and check the seeds at regular intervals to know if the roots are emerging from them or not.

Remember that you have to maintain the level of moisture consistency at all stages.

11. Once the taproots start to emerge from the seeds, transfer the seeds to the propagator.

12. Use a strip or a fluorescent light for 18 hours a day and maintain temperature around 21 degrees Centigrade.

This method guarantees a significant germination rate for seeds.

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: Germination Guide

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Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews: FAQ

Where is Dr. Greenthumb seed bank located?
Dr. Greenthumb seed bank is located in Canada.

Where does Dr. Greenthumb seed ship?
Dr. Greenthumb seed bank ships seeds to all parts of the globe.

What does their shipping cost?
Dr. Greenthumb seed does free of cost shipping for regular shipping. However, for tracking the parcel in Canada, it would charge you $35.

Is registration compulsory for buying cannabis seeds from Dr. Greenthumb?
No, registration is not compulsory for buying cannabis seeds from this seed bank. You may fill the order form and send it to the seed bank.

Is Dr. Greenthumb seed bank legit?
Yes, by all means, Dr. Greenthumb seed bank is legit. The seed quality, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, and tracking are those features that make this seed bank legit.

Mention some lightening tips for new seeds to germinate properly.
-Expose the planted seeds under fluorescent lights for 24 hours per day.
-You may keep the lights at 6” over the top at first.
-You may touch the leaves to fluorescent as it does not generate much heat.
-Prefer the bulbs with the ‘cool’ label as they are the most appropriate ones for the proper growth of the plants.
-If the light is missing from the cannabis plants, they will stretch out to search for light and will ultimately die.
-Light plays a vital role in the comprehensive plant lifecycle.

Mention some briefs about the customer care of Dr. Greenthumb seed bank.
The customer care staff for Dr. Greenthumb seed bank is available on telephone helpline 613-330-2404.

The staff is available all seven days of the week from 10 am – 6 pm EST.You may also email them [email protected], in case of any queries.

Some more FAQs

What happens if the authorities confiscate the parcel?
If the parcel gets confiscated by the authorities, they will discard the seeds and return the remaining extra items. You will also get a letter for the same, along with additional items.

Can I claim my seeds, if the parcel gets confiscated?
Yes, you may send substantial evidence of confiscation (letter from authorities) to the seed bank, to claim another set of seeds.

Make yourself well-aware of all the rules and regulations of your state and country related to the cultivation of cannabis for various purposes.

Dispensaries have the sole purpose of distributing marijuana seeds as a memorable gift or for medical study.

Criteria to select the best seed bank

In this section, we have compiled a few essential criteria for you to choose the seed bank.

They are mentioned below:-

Buyers Ratings and Reviews

Buyers’ Ratings are also referred to as Word of Mouth.

Undoubtedly, they are the cheapest (absolutely free) and the most effective form of advertisement.

It can be regarded as the most genuine as it is based on people’s experience of using the product.

Hence, do consider Buyer’s ratings and reviews before buying cannabis seeds from the seed bank.

Research about various seed banks

It is always considered a wise practice to have a minimum of three quotes of anything you buy.

The same is the case here.

Consider two or three other options of the seed bank, before finalizing on a single one.

You may generally ask, to buyers who have previously experienced the seeds from a specific seed bank.

Another way is to compile reviews from online websites of different seed banks.

Compare the pros and cons of various sites and choose the site which satisfies the advantages as per your preference.

Choose the seed bank, which has the ultimate balance of quality, price, shipping, germination, high yields, customer care, and secure payment modes.

Customer Care

The customer is the most significant contact point after you have bought the seeds home.

Ensure that the company has many ways and more availability hours to be reachable and available to you. This criterion will ultimately solve many of your problems.

Check the FAQ section of the website

The FAQ section of the site demonstrates the awareness and seriousness of the staff related to the seed bank.

You should get an idea of all the basics of the seed bank from reading the FAQ section.

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Reviews : Conclusion

We have reached the climax of this well-experienced seed bank.

Dr. Greenthumb seed bank is an excellent assortment of various strains, customer care, the seller of disease-free seeds, eminent shipping, and high-quality yields.

Therefore, our team gives it a significant rating of 4.5 out of 5 and recommends it for further plantation.

Tell us, how do you buy the cannabis seeds for your grow space? We would love to hear your unique experiences.

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Claim your high – quality seeds from a well-experienced seed bank now!