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Dr.atomic seeds

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Atomic Haze

Northern Lights crossed with some of the worlds best Sativa’s, the highest Atomic Haze so far, lower yielding longer flowering, but connoisseur,
personal stash material.
Approximate Yield: 60 – 90g per plant
Lineage: Northern Lights, Cambodian Sativa, Super Silver Haze

Flowering Time: Indoor 9 – 10 weeks

Atomic Northern Lights

NL#5 Classic and legendary indoor strain, preserved through selective breeding mostly Indica with approximate 14-20% Sativa component that provides the lingering and prolonged high. Cannabis Cup winner.
Sweet, smooth aroma and smoke. Prolonged intense high. Short and stocky.
Approximate Yield: up to 125grams
Lineage: Northern Lights #5

Flowering Time: Indoor 8 weeks

Atomic Shiva

Looking for pain relief, couch lock, F**Ked Up Heavy Lethargic Stone?
Try some Shiva, Fast compact and HEAVY!
Approximate Yield: 70 – 100g per plant
Lineage: Northern Lights, Super Skunk, Hash Plant

Flowering Time: Indoor 7 – 8 weeks

Blueberry Jam
(Blueberry x Northern Lights (NL))

Indoor /Outdoor
Current version of the classic Northern Lights Blueberry cross I first introduced in 1997. With a wonderful berry aroma and a deep penetrating high.
Approximate Yield: 90 – 120g per plant
Lineage: Northern Lights, Blueberry

Flowering Time: Indoor 8 – 9 weeks
Outdoor Middle to Late September

Thai Lights
(Thai x Northern Lights (NL))

2nd Generation Thai Lights, shorter, faster and bigger yields with that great Thai Haze profile.
From Nakan Pranom in northeast Thailand come these great Thai genetics.
Also known as Thai stick and Buddha Grass, was hybridized with Dr. Atomic’s Northern Lights. Sweet, smooth, and uplifting cerebral high. This bud will energize and enlighten you. Novice smokers beware!
Lineage: Northern Lights, Thai Haze

Flowering Time: Indoor 9 – 11 weeks

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