double og strain

Double og strain

Double OG Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 20% – 26%

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Great effects, definitely relaxed and melting into the bed, euphoria, hard time concentrating which for me is great for my severe anxiety disorder. Did make me a little shaky in my arms but otherwise a sold 4/5 stars

Kind strain & perfect for night time use Will most definitely leave you spaced on the couch with great pain relief and ready for a good nights sleep

Double OG from h3 ministries in Costa Mesa, Ca is one of the best/ most potent strains I’ve ever had the pleasure of inhaling, and sadly my tolerance is off the charts. If you favor heavy hitting ogs with couch lock, pain relief and a euphoric, out of this world mind buzz do not ever hesitate to pick up some double og. You will thank me later. Hell of a job h3!!

Just got some, and it’s good. Really good. Full body and mind relaxation. Looks great, big buds and burns good, nice texture when breaking it apart. I have fibromyalgia, 3 bulging disc on my neck, bad shoulders, depression anxiety, pain is a part of me, so yea,Great strain!!

Double OG was good for me, I stress and sometimes have anxiety. 2 good hits and I was relaxed and felt comfortable.

Double giggle by 420 Gold had a great smell and taste. It had interesting effects on my body. I had a burst of energy while at the same time feeling like I should just lie down. My brain and body each had different plans for me. Once I worked through that it was nice. It took me back to my early teen days when my mind was still being blown. I would not suggest this strain if you suffer from anxiety.

Double OG is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular SFV OG X Big Bud Afgoo strains. This powerful celebrity child boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 22-24% on average, although it has been recorded upwards of 32% on occas…