double dream strain

Double dream strain

I’m liking it. Just picked some up at the pharmacy. now waiting for them to open 🙂 Feeling GREAT. Ready to get somethin’ done.? I’ve been dragging, having anxiety, no motivation. Really thought something was wrong. Back to normal. Whew! Highly recommended – no pun intended! Smilin’ again.? Tony

Phenomenal strain! Blue Dream on steroids.

So tasty. It has that taste I chase.

This hybrid is great for the afternoon or early evening. The taste is sweet and berry via dry vaping. The buds are light green with bright orange hairs; also had a very unique smell that I cannot describe other than “tangy”. Feel it around the eyes and very cerebral with a gentle wave of relaxation that will creep up on you if you’ve never tried it. Needless to say stress, aches, pains and inflammation get put on the back burner for a few hours.

Double Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a 10:90 indica/sativa ratio and is quite popular amongst the cannabis community. The strain is produced by crossing Dream Star and Blue Dream. Upon closer inspection, you will realize each bud is incredibly dense and light green in color. The n…

Double Dream Marijuana Strain Review [Benefits, Origins, Grow Info]

What is the Double Dream Cannabis Strain?

Double Dream is a hybrid strain that is hugely sativa leaning , initially created by, in a sense, mixing Blue Dream with itself. Its direct parentage is, of course, the incredibly popular Blue Dream, crossed with Dream Star, which is itself a sativa-leaning hybrid cross of Blue Dream and Stardawg . This makes this strain basically 75% Blue Dream in its parentage, though the cross with Stardawg’s genetics introduces a few new distinctions that make Double Dream just a bit more potent.

Double Dream combines the fruity flavors of its ancestors with an extremely dense, potent bud with an extremely high THC content.

The actual effects of Double Dream are focused around relaxation and a mellow calm, but the real high itself is an incredibly exciting experience.

Unlike many other potent, high THC strains, Double Dream’s high is quite slow in taking effect. You can expect a gradual ramping up of intensity, like a warm wave of calmness sweeping over your body from the bottom up.

This is quite a relief for users that fear the sudden intensity of regular high-intensity strains, as it can sometimes be quite daunting to be hit full force with a potent high.

The slow, crawling buzz will move throughout your body, up and around, settling both in the head and in your muscles and creating a profoundly comforting, warm sensation. Some users compare it to the feeling of being in a warm blanket on a snowy winter’s day; a continuously calm serenity that leaves you relaxed, but not quite tired.

Though Double Dream is 85% sativa in its genetics, it does not cause the same kind of intense cerebral thought patterns that you might expect. Instead, there is a feeling of extraordinary creativity, as well as a general sense of wellbeing and achievability; you may be relaxed, but you will also feel like all your life goals are entirely manageable.

The name Double Dream starts to make sense as the high develops, as you will begin to feel like you are in a hazy, somewhat wavy dream. This isn’t in any way disorientating, instead of being quite like the mild confusion that you experience after waking up after a long, restful night’s sleep.

You can expect to feel extremely open to new ideas, as well as just generally free-flowing and peaceful. These effects are great for enjoying on a day when you have few commitments.

If taken while alone, this strain is perfect to use on an otherwise dull day, as it allows you to get lost in your serene thoughts. However, taken with friends, it becomes an intense bonding experience, wherein each of you lay there, completely relaxed and yet still connected together in an utterly peaceful, long-lasting moment.

However, despite Double Dream’s intense calm-inducing effects , it is also well renowned for its flavor, in the same way, that many users enjoy Blue Dream simply due to its unique fruit flavor profile.

Double Dream Aroma

The aroma of Double Dream is highly dependant on the quality of its curing and drying process . Like many strains with a subtle flavor, this strain can suffer from an inadequate drying process and permanently smell like nothing if it is mishandled.

Treated properly, however, there is the distinct smell of slightly tart blueberry, with an exciting undercurrent of spiciness that is not too dissimilar from a spice market. There is this difficult to distinguish quality to the spiciness that doesn’t exactly smell like any one particular spice, but instead smells like all manner of different spices combined together.

This is not too different from its ancestors in aroma, but it is this vague spiciness that makes this strain so interesting in aroma.

Double Dream Flavor

The flavor of Double Dream is pretty notable from the very first puff, as there is a harshness to its acrid smoke that makes it taste more like conventional hash than anything else.

However, after you have given it a few minutes and allowed the taste to develop, there are distinctive notes of spice and herbs that bring back that feeling of a spice shop, though this time it is more distinctive. There is an undercurrent of sweet berries that is somehow different than the initial aroma, offering a potent flavor combination that is strangely medicinal.

Though not in any way unpleasant, this flavor is not at all what you would expect and stays pretty consistent throughout the smoke, even after the exhale. This unique flavor combination is one of the reasons that many people seek out this family of strains.

Double Dream Appearance

Like many highly crossbred strains , Double Dream has an extremely dense bud structure, which would seem characteristic of its indica ancestry, but this is rather strange considering it only has about 15% Indica.

Its leaves and general plant structure are more light and gentle, offering a strangely odd-looking plant to an experienced grower’s eye.

The buds are covered in familiar orange pistils, bringing a layer of color against the rather dull green of the bud itself. There is a distinctive layer of trichomes that seems to come from its Dream Star parentage, offering a tangy stickiness that makes this bud feel somewhat rubbery to the hands.

The only real way to experience this unique looking strain is to try and grow some yourself, so what kind of specialized knowledge do you need in order to try and grow some yourself?

Double Dream Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Double Dream seeds are somewhat hard to come by, as they are pretty rare in the marijuana world, simply due to the fact that it has such a uniquely fascinating breeding history. You will need to find some clones clipped from another grower’s mature plants.

Double Dream can be grown outdoors as long as you have an especially warm climate, in the range of 75 Fahrenheit. You luckily don’t need to worry about any kind of humidity concerns, as this strain is rather resistant to the risks of powdery mildew.

You can expect the initial plant growth to be extremely short and with a great deal of lateral growth, which seems at odds with its genetics. The easily controllable and short growth of this plant makes it very easy to grow inside, so you can easily keep it in a spare room with sufficient lighting.

As ever with marijuana plants, keep them trimmed by snipping off the top of the plant’s growth so as to encourage even more lateral growth. Additionally, cut off of the pesky lower branches that seem determined to leech all the nutrients in their desperate bid to soak up extra light.

Expect to reach the flowering stage in an exceptionally short eight weeks, making this strain a rapid turnaround .

Once you have got it grown, harvested, and adequately dried, what kind of final cannabinoid content can you expect from your Double Dream?

Double Dream THC Content – Highest Test

Double Dream, like many other highly bred strains, has been designed to contain the maximum amount of THC possible.

You can expect your Double Dream to have, on average, about 20% THC content, which is enormous compared to the average of 13% that most sativas possess. Additionally, many individual samples of Double Dream have been measured as high as 26%! This makes Double Dream perfect for those looking for a high-intensity strain with plenty of effectiveness.

What about CBD, however? Are there any medicinally useful cannabinoids worth speaking about?

Double Dream CBD Content – Highest Test

As dull as it might be to keep hearing, when you breed a high-intensity strain – especially a hybrid – you are basically breeding away CBD content and replacing it with THC.

In Double Dream, you can expect to find between 0.1% and 1% CBD content, making it not a great strain if you are looking for any kind of useful CBD medicinal effects.

However, there are still plenty of other medicinal benefits that the high THC content can provide.

Medical Benefits of the Double Dream Cannabis Strain

Double Dream is principally concerned with making you feel nice and relaxed, so this strain is often taken to help deal with issues arising from stress and anxiety.

The ability to feel utterly and completely relaxed makes it difficult to be concerned with all of life’s problems.

Additionally, its high THC content is excellent at treating pain that is both topical and neurological in nature, especially ones arising from recent injury.

Thanks to the fact that this strain induces a strangely narcotic, intoxicating quality that leaves you dreamy and relaxed, many people take this strain and Blue Dream alike for headaches, as it helps push the nagging pain of a chronic migraine away.

This strain is also great if you suffer from any other kind of mood disorder, as it helps you feel happy and pleased with your existence.

Possible Side Effects of the Double Dream Cannabis Strain

There are always going to be a few side effects as a result of any powerful marijuana strain, so what possible side effects does Double Dream potentially have?

As ever, you can expect dry mouth and dry eyes, but the most critical negative to keep in mind is dizziness. Due to the spacey, almost ethereal sensation that Double Dream causes, some people report bouts of dizziness that don’t go away until the high eventually subsides.

This is only really a problem if you already suffer from dizziness, so you shouldn’t need to worry if this isn’t something that happens to you.

Other than that, some users also report an increased uptick in feelings of anxiety. This is likely due to the adverse reactions that some people have when left in their own mental space for too long.

If that happens to you, you might consider not taking Double Dream on your own, so you don’t run the risk of feelings of intense frustration or otherwise mental difficulty.

Final Thoughts on the Double Dream Cannabis Strain

Double Dream is an excellent example of what can happen when you take a world-renowned, effective strain and cross breed it with other strains in an effort to create an even better variety.

Though the flavor profile of Double Dream is distinctly different, with its hard to specify spiciness, the high is surprisingly similar.

Double Dream is what you want to take if you are looking for the profoundly potent high of Blue Dream, but you want a bit more of mental intensity, as well as a more profound serenity.

Though Double Dream is still quite new to the marijuana scene and hasn’t seen an astounding rise to popularity yet, this strain promises an unimaginable level of sheer relaxation and inner peace that many would do well to try out.

With a fast flowering time and little required maintenance, it is also a great strain to try and grow yourself , though there does exist some difficulty in trying to find clippings.

Whether you are interested in its unique flavor or just want a hugely powerful, profoundly calming high, Double Dream is well worth trying out.

Everything you need to know about Double Dream marijuana strain including effects, medicinal benefits, growing tips, and more.