double blue dream strain

Double blue dream strain

I’m liking it. Just picked some up at the pharmacy. now waiting for them to open 🙂 Feeling GREAT. Ready to get somethin’ done.? I’ve been dragging, having anxiety, no motivation. Really thought something was wrong. Back to normal. Whew! Highly recommended – no pun intended! Smilin’ again.? Tony

Phenomenal strain! Blue Dream on steroids.

So tasty. It has that taste I chase.

This hybrid is great for the afternoon or early evening. The taste is sweet and berry via dry vaping. The buds are light green with bright orange hairs; also had a very unique smell that I cannot describe other than “tangy”. Feel it around the eyes and very cerebral with a gentle wave of relaxation that will creep up on you if you’ve never tried it. Needless to say stress, aches, pains and inflammation get put on the back burner for a few hours.

Double Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a 10:90 indica/sativa ratio and is quite popular amongst the cannabis community. The strain is produced by crossing Dream Star and Blue Dream. Upon closer inspection, you will realize each bud is incredibly dense and light green in color. The n…