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Indica dominant head high, best for night probably, I have been more tired lately but still not enough to actually fall asleep easily.

Pistils are pink, largest cola were 3-3.4 grams. Mild Diesel smell not to overpowering compared to others.

Pressing into Rosin is working fairly well with a buttery consistency. Not pressing as easily as the Gelato but might get better over the next weeks. I would give it a 4/5 for Rosin potential for an experienced presser.

Easy to grow but do not over feed, take special care in late flower to keep RH optimal (too low and your plants will transpire too much) and light far enough away. Reacts negatively to heat/light/nutrient stress.

Don’t over veg if you are not experienced or you will reduce yield. 5 weeks is maybe sweet spot, I went 7 weeks but training was not optimal so Colas did not even out as much as I had hoped.

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